C Trumpet Upgrade Bundle! Includes Schagerl 'Caracas' C Trumpet, ACB MV3C, Soulo Straight Mute, Trumpet Stand, and Cleaning Kit!

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SKU C Schagerl Caracas Bundle
Weight 15.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
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C Trumpet Upgrade Bundle! Upgrade your C trumpet today with the fantastic Schagerl Caracas C trumpet! So glad to have this horn in the shop. It's an amazing C. The bundle includes:

  • Schagerl Caracas C trumpet in large bore with gold brass bell
  • ACB MV3C mouthpiece in traditional blank (silver plate)
  • Soulo Straight Mute with copper bottom
  • Hercules Trumpet Stand
  • Ultra Pure Cleaning Kit

The Schagerl Intercontinental Series "Caracas" C trumpet

This is a classic professional C trumpet that leaves nothing to be desired. It has a wonderfully light response and top-notch intonation and workmanship. Made entirely of gold brass, it boasts a warm tone with lots of character. The "Caracas" is a result of combining the most modern manufacturing methods, the expertise of the Schagerl team, and the cooperation of some of the finest soloists throughout the world.

With its large .465 bore, the Caracas is a classic large-bore c trumpet that produces the volume and projection needed in a a big orchestra.

This is one of our best selling C trumpets at ACB!


  • Bore: L - .465" 
  • Leadpipe: gold brass
  • Bell: 4.999" | gold brass
  • Main Tuning Slide: gold brass
  • Piston/Valves: Monel
  • Inner Slides: Nickel Silver
  • Outer Slides: Nickel Silver
  • Tuning Slide Braces: 1
  • Waterkeys: 2
  • Finish: Lacquer

Free US shipping with all Schagerl orders! 

Our popular ACB MV3C mouthpiece helps achieve the ideal C trumpet sound

I have often wondered why you see the eBay auctions of Bach Mount Vernon 3C mouthpieces routinely sell for $400 or more. Is there something special and different about these pieces over a traditional 3C? Well... the answer I found out was YES! I am now offering this custom mouthpiece in my line for a lot of reasons but mostly because it sounds so great! It is a bit bigger all-around (as seen in the overlay) than the traditional 3C. For me it feels a smidge smaller than a 1-1/2C. I also put my MO backbore (smaller symphonic shaped) and a #26 throat in this mouthpiece. The sound shape is tremendous and rich.

MV3C 3C overlay

The Soulo copper bottom straight mute is a great addition to any mute collection!

From the manufacturer:

The NEW patented Copper Bottom Trumpet Straight Mute by Soulo is the newest invention in the mute world. It combines the traditional Straight Mute sound with a ground-breaking aerodynamic shape, which improves the typical issues associated with straight metal mutes and offers perfect pitch and free-blowing experience.

Its patent pending shape allows the air to naturally flow outside of the mute, undisturbed by a crimp or any other barrier. On the inside, the air flows into a perfect hemisphere, never hitting a flat surface, thereby not altering the pitch.

In order to achieve the most brilliant straight mute sound, Soulo Mute uses the highest quality Aluminum and Copper. Although Copper Bottom Straight Mutes are known for their heavier weight, the Soulo Straight Mute is very lightweight, due to its craftsmanship. Soulo Straight Mute will never fall out of the bell, because of its unique neoprene composite corks, which “lock” the mute inside the bell. The Soulo Trumpet Straight Mute was Designed by Michael and Elena Jarosz in NJ, USA. No matter where you buy our trumpet straight mute, you are guaranteed the best quality and customer service.


  • Patented hemispherical bottom with crimp-free connection, which allows for a perfect pitch!
  • Free-blowing, no air disturbance, aerodynamic design!
  • The highest quality COPPER, delivering a brilliant sound!
  • Lightweight and super easy on the chops!


Excellent accessories will take your performance to the next level:

A trumpet stand is essential for orchestral work, and if you're switching back and forth between Bb and C you'll want a secure place to set the horn you're not holding at the time. The Hercules stands are great, we use them to display instruments here at ACB. The DS410B TravLite In-Bell Trumpet Stand offers a compact design for storage inside the instrument bell when your trumpet is in its case. This stand features a velvet base to protect the interior finish of the instrument bell plus a folding five-leg design that's very stable and folds up to 7 inches in length. 

Keeping your new C trumpet clean and well lubricated will keep you sounding your best. The Ultra Pure care kit has everything you need to keep things working smoothly.



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