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1951 Conn 80A cornet in Lacquer: Fun horn!

$479.99 $349.99 Sale
This horn is in lacquer and has a beautiful engraving!   The 80A is an awesome cornet, and is popular with trad jazz players. It has decent compression with thicker valve oil. There are some signs of red rot in the leadpipe, but we tested it for...
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1952 LA Olds Super Bb Cornet in Lacquer

These are great playing and sounding horns - the LA Olds horns are quite popular among vintage horn players and were one of the most popular horns of their time. This particular horn has signficant lacquer wear and a few dents in the leadpipe. It still...
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The beautiful  ACB  Cornet!

ACB Model Doubler's Cornet

$489.99 $359.99 Sale
Austin Custom Brass  "Doubler's Series"  Cornet   Up for sale is an exciting  new line of custom instruments designed for doubling.   This cornet possesses a yellow brass bell  in 4.685 inches and a .459 bore.  The...
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Adams Custom Cornet: Build Your Own

$3,895.00 $3,275.00 Sale
Every Adams Custom Series instrument is completely handcrafted in Adams' own factory in The Netherlands.The Adams Custom Series Custom Series cornet has an easy and responsive articulation. The typical "big, round" sound, blends smoothly into any...
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