We happily take many instruments on consignment where we can offer a value-add. Not sure if your horn is a good match? Email us and we can help! For consignment sales, you receive 80% of final sale price (less shipping and fees). Payments will be made by PayPal 2-4 weeks after the sale (and trial) are finalized. 

Ready to send your horn in? Email Us for a consignment contract! Please be sure to include your horn's serial number and your contact information in the email.


For shipping a trumpet, the best way to do it is as follows:
1) Tie the slides shut with a hairband or twist tie.
2) Wrap it three times lengthwise (from bell to receiver) in bubble wrap and tape that down.
3) Wrap it once widthwise (parallel to valves) in bubble wrap and tape it down. You now have a little bubble wrap "burrito" and the horn is very secure.
4) Fill a 12x12x24 box 1/3 of the way up with packing peanuts.
5) Set the horn in the box and cover with packing peanuts. You should be able to shake the box without hearing anything move if you've used enough peanuts.
6) Insure for the full amount you paid so you're protected in shipping.
7) Ship to us at
 Austin Custom Brass
c/o Kyle
7000 Universal Ave
Kansas City MO 64120 



Thank you for your support of my shop and my dream!

 - T