With over 25 years in business building world class brass instruments, S.E. Shires Company is an established and industry leading manufacturer of professional brass instruments. The S.E. Shires company slogan, Quality without compromise, is more than simply a marketing tool. It is our heartfelt conviction and  fundamental principle for both manufacture and design. When building handmade trumpets, trombones, and euphoniums, every step of the process is carefully crafted and designed so that Shires instruments offer evenness of response and sound in all registers and playing styles. We hold parallel commitments to the highest standards of modern manufacturing, which make our instruments consistent and mechanically superior, and to the old-world craftsmanship that gives them the distinctively resonant voice appreciated by players the world over. 


The S.E. Shires Custom Series and Artist Series lines of professional brass instruments is a product of generations of knowledge within the industry. Combining  craftsmanship and innovation with consistency and quality, S.E. Shires has created the world-wide standard for high end brass instruments. Handcrafted in our Holliston, MA workshop, these instruments are tailored to fit your musical desires.


The company’s Q Series line of instruments make high quality craftsmanship and ingenuity more accessible to all. These instruments extend the reach of the S.E. Shires sound and quality to a broader audience at an outstanding value and provide musicians of all backgrounds an instrument to fit their need. From the college student starting their journey in the orchestral world to a seasoned pro looking to add a great horn to their collection, the S.E. Shires Q Series line is made for all musicians.


In May, 2014, Eastman Music Company purchased the S.E. Shires Company. Based in Pomona, California, Eastman is well known for the quality and value of its broad offering of band and orchestral instruments. With the backing of Eastman, S.E. Shires has been able to increase its instrument line, production capacity, and worldwide presence, while maintaining its core commitment to quality, in-house manufacturing.