New Arrivals

New Arrivals


We are constantly updating our inventory at the shop, check out the newest additions updated here!

Holton ST306S MF Horn

Another rare horn made its way to the shop! This is the awesome Holton ST306S trumpet, the model made famous by legendary trumpet player Maynard Ferguson! Big, full, awesome sound! It really fills the room and has a brilliance to the tone that demands attention!

Bach/Pilczuk/NTC Frankenhorn

Here's a sweet frankenhorn we have here in the shop! This horn is built around a raw brass Bach valve block from the late 1980's and sports Amado waterkeys and a Pilczuk leadpipe with a beautiful rimless copper bell (New York Trumpet Company).  

Top items

Adams Custom Series A4LT

Here we have an awesome selected Adams A4LT trumpet for sale! This horn has a large bore, and cool wooden finger button inlays. Normally, this horn would take about 4-5 months to manufacture from the factory but this one is available with no wait time and a much lower cost!

Oberrauch Milano Rotary Trumpet

Oberrauch instruments are manufactured near the alps mountains in northern Italy and are wonderful instruments. This horn is equipped with a Zirnbauer rotary valve system, a combined first and third slide trigger (operated by the left thumb), and two vent keys that help to facilitate better intonation and slotting of particular notes on the horn.

B&S Challenger 3172/2

If you're looking for a trumpet that will blend perfectly with a section of Bachs, but at a more affordable price point, the B&S Challenger 3172/2 might be the horn for you.


AR Resonance Feroce

Based on a one piece solid Nickel Silver bell with a tight flare, this horn can produce a very focused and incredibly piercing sound. This is the perfect commercial horn for soaring over a big band, or matching with the Marshall stacks in your rock band.