Brand New AR Resonance Feroce Trumpet! A True work of art!

AR Resonance
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AR  Resonance FEROCE!


New for 2024 we are an authorized AR  Resonance dealer! 


One of my absolutely favorite horns I have ever played.  If I wasn't an Adams artist I surely would play THIS  exact horn.  


It does come with 5 threaded mouthpipe gap modulators and a beautiful Marcus Bonna Style fiberglass case. 


  It's the same model  as the horn in the video:




This is a picture of an older one we had in the shop but the new horn is extremely similar (and brand new)






AR Resonance Feroce

One of the most stunning instruments you will ever find, this AR Resonance Feroce is offered by an Authorized Dealer. 

This instrument features an integrated threaded mouthpiece receiver and 5 variable gap mouthpiece receivers (allows you to use a standard mouthpiece shank),.

Higher, faster, louder!

Based on a one piece solid Nickel Silver bell with a tight flare, this horn can produce a very focused and incredibly piercing sound. This is the perfect commercial horn for soaring over a big band, or matching with the Marshall stacks in your rock band.

Making and bending this bell is a challenge very few makers ever attempt and for a good reason - solid Nickel Silver is HARD! But the reward is immense: a remarkably stable yet nimble horn, with precision and quick response.


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