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ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet: A great entry-level professional piccolo

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  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
  • ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet:  A great entry-level professional piccolo
""Hello all, I am Ray, from Spain. I am very happy with the doubler piccolo and with the personalized service I received (Josh, Trent...). Exquisite intonation and warm, clarion calid sound. Great experience with ACB!" 


ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpets: an incredible value!

The ACB Doubler's Piccolo is perfect if you want a great playing professional piccolo trumpet without spending upwards of $2,000-$3,000 for a horn you might only need a few days per year. This is a horn that can start paying for itself after only a few wedding/holiday gigs. If you need an excellent piccolo trumpet at an amazing price, this is the horn you've been looking for!

Give us a call at 816-410-0826 or email with any questions.

Here's a shocking comparison video between the ACB Doubler's picc and a $5500 Scherzer!


  • Trumpet Shank receiver (pipes in Bb and A): 2 pipes total
  • 4 valve
  • .448 bore
  • Stainless steel valves
  • ACB Precision Valve Alignment on every Doubler's piccolo trumpet
  • ACB case (lightweight but sturdy)
  • Unbranded piccolo trumpet mouthpiece included (we recommend upgrading to an ACB 7PT or the new short shank ACB 7DP)
  • Unbranded piccolo cornet mouthpiece included


This is a great piccolo trumpet for someone who is looking for a great, professional level trumpet that won't break the bank. We get them from a factory (where they're made to our specs), and then modify them and playtest them at our shop. Each horn comes with a semi-hard gig bag-esque case and a stock mouthpiece. 


A review from our customer Michael on 8/3/2017:

"5 STARS! AWESOME! This horn plays great! I put it through the tests playing both sides Bb/A. Both play great and the horn is so easy to play after playing something else that I don't have to worry about transitioning between them. This is awesome!"

Our Doubler's piccolo trumpet is also very popular with serious amateur players. With the combination of quality and price point, this is a great opportunity to get into piccolo trumpet playing just for fun. Our customer Scott wrote the following about his Doubler's piccolo trumpet in our new satin finish:

"Very happy with this horn. I had been playing on a loaner Yamaha, and decided I needed to get my own piccolo trumpet. Not being a regular player, picking up something on the affordable side was a requirement. From my limited playing, moving from the Yamaha to the ACB Doubler was simple with no noticeable change in sound or performance. The valves are smooth and responsive, the sound is light and regal. And the satin finish is a nice variation in appearance. From a non-professional opinion, I cannot recommend this horn highly enough for the player with limited opportunities to play."


Here's a video of the Doubler's picc AFTER our modifications... it's pretty stellar and really, really fun to play!

FYI I played like 5 notes before this video. I was so excited to share the sounds with you all I had to run up and grab the video camera!


If you have additional questions send us an email

Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of item.

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11 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Johnny Navarro on 8th Sep 2023

    Easy play. Excellent intonation.

  • 5

    Posted by Chris Redgrave on 20th Aug 2023

    A long wait but worth it. I got it as a personal challenge to better my all around playing. This is my second Austin Custom Brass horn, having bought a Pocket Trumpet a few years ago for practicing on business trips. I am a total novice to Piccolo, and having read and watched all the advice online, I was expecting a lot troubles in the transition to the "wee beastie". However I was pleasantly surprised at how open the horn played; I was able to get a 2-1/2 octave range with decent tone from day one. Of course I have a lot to learn, especially on the nuances of use of the 4th valve. So far overall, I am very pleased with the horn. Construction seems solid especially given the pricepoint. Horn was clean as a whistle out of the case and pretty much everything was in good order. My only two very minor criticisms are 1) the lead-ins of the valve cap threads are not as smooth to start as my old Bach 37 and 2) the sewing on the included lead pipe storage bag was not the best but I had an extra Bob Reeves mouthpiece bag that fits all the pipes, a spare mouthpiece and it fits perfectly in the case. Thank you Trent for another great value horn.

  • 5
    ACB Double Piccolo

    Posted by Luke Pickman on 26th Feb 2023

    I'm floored by how great this sounds! I was a little nervous considering I hadn't played piccolo before but the tone and response of this instrument was exceptional. Incredible value for the money. The adapter for cornet or trumpet mouthpiece is a nice addition so you can see which works better for you. Definitely will be buying more from ACB in the future! -InstrumentManiac

  • 5
    Value for Money

    Posted by Eric Campbell on 14th Aug 2022

    I know this says entry-level piccolo, but having played Yamaha, Scherzer, and Getzen Piccolos, I would recommend this to the all-around players who occasionally need a Pic for church, or accompanying Vocal Literature, etc. If you are a full-time Pic player, it would be an affordable backup for your Scherzer. As with any harmony trumpets, play around with alternate fingerings, very often the 4th valve is your friend. If it had a Trigger on the 4th valve it would be perfect.

  • 5
    Great Horn and Greater Service

    Posted by Chris Morgan on 18th Oct 2021

    I had initially ordered the Doubler in Satin Lacquer but with the shipping delays Josh took care of everything to get me into a Silver Plate horn much sooner. The horn plays phenomenally (better than my previous horn which was a Stomvi) and has already become my new favorite thing to practice! Looking forward to using it this coming holiday season and beyond! I cannot recommend Trent, Josh and the rest of the crew at ACB enough!!

  • 5
    ACB Doubler’s Piccolo

    Posted by Jay Davis on 25th Jun 2021

    What a great horn! It plays very well on both sides and is a great deal for the price. Better than the horn is the unbelievable customer service from Trent Austin and his staff. I will definitely buy from ACB again!

  • 5
    Best piccolo at this price point

    Posted by Nate on 27th May 2021

    I love the doublers Piccolo trumpet! You can’t beat it at this price, and for a guy like me unwilling to spend $3000 on a Piccolo trumpet this is just what I needed. Especially combined with the 7DP mouthpiece. This trumpet plays in tune and was great on the recent wedding mass gig I had. Trent and guys at the shop, amazing customer service! Kudos on an excellent product, I’ll definitely be coming back.

  • 5
    Amazing instrument

    Posted by Wil on 19th Mar 2021

    I was a bit skeptical at first but I have to admit that this piccolo trumpet is a lot of horn for the money. My particular horn plays incredibly well in tune, on par with much more expensive piccolo trumpets. It produces a very elegant tone as well. I would not hesitate to purchase this horn again. Highly recommended instrument at an affordable price.

  • 5
    Just do it, you know you want to.

    Posted by richard zeller on 18th Jan 2021

    I don't know how they do it but they DID do it, and this horn is proof that ACB knows a thing or two about brass. It truly is the perfect "I only need it occasionally, but I want it to play well when I DO need it" horn. Intonation was excellent. Yeah, I'd rather have the Shilke P5-4...but I'd rather have the $3,000 I saved even more. If I used it every day or I was playing Penny Lane with the Canadian Brass every night, I might flip for the higher end horn, but make no mistake...this is no second-rate horn. I ran through Brandenberg 2 the second night I had it and it and could not find anything to complain about. For a guy who has survived by borrowing his friend's Piccs...this was a nice surprise. Throw in the very personal touch from Trent and all I can say if if you've looked at it this long...then just buy it. It's completely worth it!! Four leadpipes and two mouthpieces...and the price is unbeatable. Again, I could take the Schilke, but that's basically Three ACB Doubler's and a Getzen. That's a lot of brass for the savings....

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