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ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!

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ACBDBLFG Doubler Flugelhorn Dbl FLG
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  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
  • ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB!
$744.99 - $799.99
"I've owned several vintage Couesnon flugels and a Kanstul 1525 and the new ACB flugel more than holds its own with the very best pro horns that cost 6X as much. It has that classic Couesnon inspired flugelhorn sound with the playability and intonation of a modern Yamaha." -Ray Callender


Austin Custom Brass "Doubler's" Flugelhorn: Our #1 selling instrument!

3/30/2023  update:


We currently have all finish options in stock!   Some are in limited quantities  but we have plenty of satin lacquer, antique lacquer, and clear lacquer.





Ever wished you had a flugelhorn, but couldn’t find a great option that fit your budget?


The ACB Doubler’s flugelhorn is a high quality, professional instrument that performs above and beyond its affordable price point. This instrument was initially designed for professional players who needed to double on flugelhorn occasionally. That meant we had to focus on reliability, consistency, and of course a great sound!

But this isn’t just a great flugel for the jazz soloist or commercial musician.

The Doubler’s flugel is being used by everyone from hobbyist comeback players who just want to relax after work to full-time symphony players who only need a flugel a couple times per year. You’ll find the Doubler’s flugelhorn in British-style brass bands, big band sections, pit orchestras, church groups, and brass quintets.

You might not need a $3,000 flugelhorn, but that shouldn’t keep you from having a great playing, great sounding horn. The Doubler’s is the best value flugelhorn you can find! You will not find another inexpensive flugel with as many optimizations.

Join the thousands of players across the world who are already enjoying their ACB Doubler’s flugelhorns!

Here's a review from one of our customers (scroll down for more):

"Trent and the ACB Squad have done it again..... a 3 run Homer in the bottom of the 9th! I’ve been an ACB client since the beginning and this is my second Doubler. I can’t say enough good stuff about this horn! It has a smooth, even tone over the whole horn. Intonation is pretty good and it blends and cuts enough in a section to get over the band and It’s very comfortable going between this and my Bb. You won’t find a better horn for the price point.  Bravissimo ACB!!" - Mark Russo (3/28/19)

The ACB Doubler’s line is made by a great factory that we work with in China. The Doubler’s instruments are built to our specifications, then optimized here at our Kansas City shop before we ship them to you. The Doubler’s flugelhorn is designed to make it easy to switch between flugel and your trumpet or cornet.

We went with a 6-inch diameter bell, copper bell bow, and a classic .413-inch bore. The result is a flugel with great slotting and intonation, and a sound our customers describe as fat, mellow, smoky, smooth, and warm.

We align the valves on every Doubler’s flugel prior to shipment with durable synthetic pads. We also do a full ultrasonic cleaning, adjust the springs, and perform several other optimizations. Finally, each horn is play-tested to make sure that when you open the box, your new flugel is ready to go.

Scroll down to read about our various finish options for these flugels!


Thank you for your great support of ACB!

Here are the available finish options:

  • Raw Brass (this will develop a nice patina over time, some begin to developed one in shipment from the factory to our shop)
  • Clear Lacquer (our default finish option over the past 8 years)
  • Satin lacquer finish (we are extremely pleased with the look of this finish and customers have been loving it)
  • Polished silver plate (gorgeous!)
  • Vintage Antique Lacquer (an acid finish that is then covered by a coat of clear lacquer)


  • Third-valve trigger for improved intonation.
  • Bottom-sprung Monel valves.
  • Large shank mouthpiece receiver
  • Generic mouthpiece included (around 3C diameter, standard flugelhorn depth)
  • Ask about a discounted upgrade to one of our ACB flugelhorn mouthpieces!
  • Hard foam Pro-Tec style case included


(click the finish tab when ordering and also write your choice in comment section at checkout)

Please call 816-410-0826 or email us if you have any additional questions!

Please note international shipping will be an additional fee (usually $40-50 extra depending on the country for priority transit). Contact us via email prior to ordering.


If you have additional questions send us an email

Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of item.

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51 Reviews

  • 5
    Doublers Flugelhorn

    Posted by Stephen Hawk on 4th Aug 2023

    My new ACB Doublers Flugelhorn is an excellent instrument. Great tone, pitch and valves too! I love playing it! Currently playing it nightly on a two month run of the Carole King show, Beautiful! It’s an amazing instrument and the price is the icing on the cake!! Can’t beat this horn or deal! Thank you ACB!!

  • 5
    ACB Doubler’s Flugelhorn

    Posted by Phil on 31st May 2023

    Great! I’m very happy with it!

  • 5

    Posted by Oliver on 17th May 2023

    This is a very solid horn that i will definitely be using for a while.

  • 5
    This Flugelhorn is so much fun to play!

    Posted by Michael Bishop on 15th May 2023

    I ordered the RAW model of the ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn in March and it's so much fun to play. ACB got everything just right--not too dark or bright. I'm getting ready to upgrade the Mouthpiece and plan on buying the ACB Cornet later this year. I plan on using the ACB Doubler in my coming youtube channel too. The Folks with ACB are great folks and so enjoyable to work with :)

  • 5

    Posted by Marty Abbott on 10th Apr 2023

    I love the quality of the sound. It plays very easy and I love the way it looks

  • 5
    A fine instrument for any price

    Posted by Ganesh Om on 12th Feb 2023

    I recently purchased an ACB doubler's flugelhorn in satin lacquer finish for a production of a Broadway musical in my local area of Raleigh, NC. I have been incredibly happy with this instrument. It plays with a beautiful sound, good intonation, and excellent response. I received excellent feedback about the horn from colleagues. I cannot believe the cost of the horn came in at just under $800 - it truly performs like an instrument with a much higher dollar amount. Before my horn was shipped to me it received adjustments and a valve alignment, all included with the price. I am grateful to ACB and staff for their help and I will definitely be a returning customer.

  • 5
    ACB Doubler's Flugel horn antique Laquer

    Posted by Benson on 12th Jan 2023

    Ordered this horn and got before Christmas. Really happy with this horn. Sounds and plays great. Definitely will buy more horns in the future from ACB.

  • 5
    ACB Doubler's flugelhorn

    Posted by James H MacKay on 5th Jan 2023

    Very well made with a beautiful tone. Brand new horn so the valves are tight but that will change. I upgraded from an entry level horn, and this is significantly better. Satin finish is very attractive.

  • 5
    ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn in Antique Brass

    Posted by Rick Roenne on 19th Nov 2022

    Again guys, a great horn. I should also mention that the mpc will need the large shank version of flugelhorn mpc's. The most interesting fact about this horn is the bottom springs for the valves. The indent on the bottom valve cap and the indent on the bottom of the valve is most impressive. The valves make no noise. With these indents the valve spring is kept in place in the middle of the valve casing. The tone is very buttery. I love it.

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