Special Studies for Trumpet by John Daniel

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Special Studies for Trumpet  by John Daniel



I do not normally stock books here at the shop but this book is an absolutely MUST have in any studio library.

After 15 years of research and revisions, John Daniel, Professor of Trumpet at Lawrence University, presents his method, "Special Studies for Trumpet." The exercises in this book are designed to be adaptable to any proficiency level from student to professional. They are designed to be useful for any type of player, regardless of pedagogical history or musical persuasion. Concepts are presented in a fresh and thoughtful way. He takes fundamental ideas and makes them exciting and challenging. Some of the topics discussed include relaxation/efficiency strategies, mouthpiece buzzing studies, breath articulation studies, flexibility studies, multiple tongue and advanced single tongue studies, diatonic and non-diatonic scale studies, interval studies and much more! A valuable addition to the trumpet pedagogy and a must have for all serious students!


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Tage Larsen

  • Hi John,
    I've been reading and playing from your book daily. Really fantastic.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

John-Thanks for The Special Techniques trumpet book! I have gone through it and think it should be really helpful to all-including me! I do many of these types of exercises every day. Hope you are successful getting many to use it. They should!!!  Vincent D’Martino

John, the book arrived today and I am so excited! I can't wait to use this summer to work through it slowly and with great focus. Thanks for continuing to inspire us even after we have left your studio years ago.  Chip Crotts


Do yourself a favor and check out this book! The concepts are presented in a fresh and thoughtful way, and John does an excellent job of taking fundamental ideas and making them exciting and challenging through the use of new and musical approaches.

I had the pleasure of studying with John for my graduate work, and this book reminds me of lessons with him each week. He always knew how to take a concept and find a way to make it interesting and inspire us to want to be better musicians and trumpet players.

While this book has many exercises that draw from the staples of the trumpet world (Arban, Clarke, Schlossberg, Stamp, etc.), there are also new techniques and approaches that are very "current" and help develop the player to be more prepared for today's music world and its challenges on the artist.

If you are truly passionate about becoming a great musician and have the drive to REALLY put the time and effort in, "Special Studies" would be a wonderful addition to your current library. I know this sounds like a glowing endorsement, and it is! John has spent many years putting this together and I personally have found a renewed excitement for practicing and improving since getting the book a few months back. Check it out!
Yamaha Performing Artist
University Trumpet/Jazz Professor

Chip Crotts


Hey John....I love your book!!!!! I hope it becomes widely used....The info and exercises will make anyone at any level a better player. Congratulations !!!!  Chris Jaudes

John M. Laverty Please send me one with an invoice immediately! Congratulations! I have learned so much about trumpet playing just from sitting next to you, it will be a joy to read about your thoughts and processes on the subject.

Michael Anderson I've been using the prototype for 2-3 years. Its the real deal folks. Results. Period.

Bryan Edgett Let me say one more time that John has explained some things in this book that I have not seen explained as well elsewhere. It is an excellent book. I now require all of my trumpet students to use it.

A quote from Kiku Collins on her website:
Special Studies for Trumpet
I haven't been excited about a "trumpet workbook" for a VERY long time. This is one to buy and use and accelerate your face! John is a wonderful musician and human being, and I'm glad to have been introduced to him and his fabulous new book!

Nick Mondello

In the Shed working out of John Daniel's new "Special Studies." Title says all.

I'm not a famous player at all, so my opinion is not quote-worthy or anything.   I just wanted to tell you that I also am getting a lot of benefit out of the book so far.   It seems to work on some subtle areas that a lot of other method books only gloss over, or not cover much at all.   Even better, you explain how the exercises work, and what to focus on during each.   In just a couple weeks I feel like I've made some good improvements in the areas covered by your book.   Thank you so much for all the hard work over the years to put this together for all of us.  Randy Howard

Chase Sanborn:

As I told John, many people have come to me with the idea of writing a method book, but few follow through, particularly after I describe the thousands of hours I've invested as author and self-publisher. (My Facebook page describes my positions as CEO and shipping clerk.) I'm impressed by the amount of time John spent developing his method before committing to print. Special Studies is well thought out and well presented, and sheds new light on an old pursuit. It will make you think about things in a new way and the exercises produce almost immediate results. It's the perfect text to shake out the summer doldrums.

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6 Reviews

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    Special Studies delivery

    Posted by Jill on 2nd Nov 2020

    Tracking international delivery was fun, seeing the parcel hopping across the world. Thank you for efficient delivery.

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    Special Studies for Trumpet, Daniel

    Posted by Philip Travaline on 7th Jun 2020

    Great book. Very comprehensive and well organized.

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    Posted by Alfred Haeck on 21st Sep 2018

    A very good pedagogical build-up study book for all trumpet levels. I use it daily. Thank you John Daniel.

  • 5

    Posted by Tramon on 30th Jul 2018

    Awesome Book!

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    The Place To Start

    Posted by John Trujillo on 14th Apr 2016

    I am recovering from a stroke and the material in this book is right on. also using for my teaching!

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    Something for everyone

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2015

    This is a great collection of technical studies for every level from cradle to grave. Unlike many books with similar goals, it also has excellent explanations that focus the mind on how to practice each aspect with clear goals. The last 30 pages cover basic chord, interval and scale studies of special interest to improvisational students but useful for everyone.

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