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We are excited to "officially" launch Austin Custom Brass Euphonium mouthpieces! 

We collaborated with a professional euphonium player (who happens to play an Adams euphonium) and the result is just magnificent! So many euphonium mouthpieces can feel like trombone mouthpiece that someone slapped on a euphonium and said " is good enough". We wanted something that was for the euphonium specifically. We are very happy with the result!

These have been available at shows and it the shop for several months so we could beta test them and we have been thrilled with the response (not only from the mouthpiece but from people playing them). We have heard from many musicians how comfortable and responsive the mouthpiece is while producing an ideal euphonium sound. At several trade shows we observed someone play the mouthpiece and then come back with a friend telling them "you have to try this". We have been very pleased with the results and feedback.  

Each mouthpiece is easy to center and allows the player to produce a rich and distinctively euphonium sound. The tone stays full in all registers without every becoming "woofy" in the lower ranges or thin in the upper register. They feel very comfortable on the face and allow for flexibility in all ranges. The mouthpieces have a unique feel to the rim and the cup making it hard to compare to other mouthpieces. I think that is part of what makes them exciting to try/play. To give you and idea of how it might feel in comparison the Euphonium 1 and 3 have an inner diameter that would close to (but a little smaller) than our ACB 3 trombone/low brass mouthpiece (ID 1.060) and the Euphonium 2 is in between our ACB 4 and ACB 3 trombone/low brass mouthpiece (ID 1.043). The rim width for al of them is just over 0.5". However, we caution you not to compare them too much to other mouthpieces. They really are their own mouthpiece.


(The numbering system is not like Bach.)

Euphonium 1: This has turned out to be the most popular model. This one has been very popular with euphonium players and trombonists who double on euphonium. The sound stays rich and full but allows for nimble playing across the instrument. Ideal for soloists and ensemble players. 

Euphonium 2: The Euphonium 2 is easy to play with a large and loud sound while producing a rich tone (some have even described it as a "thick sound") in all registers.  

Euphonium 3: This model is a perfect pairing for the Adams E2 and feels very good with the Adams E3 as well. It feels quite open and larger than model 1 or 2. The 3 produces a very full sound - especially in the lower register. Bass trombonists who play euphonium, tuba players who play euphonium, and euphonium players who prefer a larger feeling mouthpiece with an open throat have gravitated to this model. 

David Werden tests out all three models:


Each model is available in large shank or in euro-shank. Silver plated is standard. Gold plating is a custom order (add 2 to 3 weeks for delivery) 


If you have additional questions, please call 816-410-0826 or send us an email!  

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