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"Got one of each depth (standard and MDF). The MDF is rich and mellow. The F is great for big band playing. I liked them so much I kept both!" -Carroll


Austin Custom Brass Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

I struggled for a LONG time trying to find a flugelhorn mouthpiece that would do what I wanted it to do, while sounding how I wanted it to sound. That's why ACB now offers a line of flugelhorn mouthpieces designed to the highest possible quality standards. Our ACB Flugelhorn mouthpieces come in three different cup depths, many rim sizes, two shank tapers, and several finishes. Check out the videos below to hear all three depths!

Check out the rims and comparisons here!


FD: Our deepest flugelhorn mouthpiece, designed to give a "horn-like" darkness to your sound. Other extra-deep flugel pieces I've played have been very challenging to keep in tune and also play any notes above the staff. Our FD cup is VERY deep and will most likely require a stronger player to utilize the full capabilities of this piece.

MDF: A general "all-purpose" flugel mouthpiece that is dark enough, yet still easy to project and cut above the staff for when I've had to play first parts on flugel. Our MDF cup is by far the most popular cup depth we sell.

F: This mouthpiece has our shallow cup depth, which works great for occasional flugel doublers, or players who need to play more aggressive flugel parts.


We have a broad range of rim options available! We can easily blend any cup depth with any one of our stock rims, or put them on a custom rim if needed. You can view a list of our rim options with inner and outer diameters here. You can also call our Mouthpiece Hotline for advice on choosing the right flugelhorn mouthpiece for you: (816) 410-0826 x700.


Our flugelhorn mouthpieces come in two different shank tapers to fit most flugelhorns. Please indicate what flugelhorn brand and model you play so we can best match the shank for you instrument! Choose the large shank for Adams flugels and our ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn. Please call us if you need a different shank taper.

Call the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to place an order! + 816-410-0826 x700

Here's a clip featuring the ACB 1.5C MDF flugelhorn mouthpiece on a few Adams flugelhorns:

Here's a demo video with our TA2F and TA2FD:

Allow 7-9 weeks for the custom builds and plating time.

Please note there are no returns on custom orders. Gold plating is considered a custom order.


If you have additional questions send us an email

Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of the item.

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39 Reviews

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    TAZ MDF Fluegelhorn Mouthpiece

    Posted by Timothy DenBesten on 3rd Nov 2022

    I asked Josh to suggest a comfortable MP that was similar to my existing trumpet mouthpiece, and he suggested the TAZ MDF. I bought this in a combination deal with the ACB Doublers fluegelhorn. This MP is so easy to pick up and play even though it's completely different than my "screamer" lead trumpet MP. Josh nailed it. I have only used it on a few gigs so far, but this is an excellent MP and I love the way it sounds. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

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    Flugel Horn mouthpiece MV3CMDF

    Posted by Al Francisco on 11th Apr 2022

    I purchased an Adams F4 Flugel from ACB in 2o19. I was looking forward to putting it though its paces when Covid hit and pretty much shut down all playing here in Seattle area. That left me to experiment with the difference between my Kanstul 1528 copper bell and the Adams. Using the same mouthpieces that I use on the Kanstul I couldn’t achieve the rich warm and robust sound I was getting on the Kanstul. After an excellent conversation with Josh at ACB I ordered the Flugel mouthpiece. With gigs finally opening back up, I have 4 gigs that will require the use of both trumpet and flugel so working with this new mouthpiece has been awesome. The sound is everything I was hoping for + ease of playing . The first gig is yet to happen but I know I will get the melted butter sound I was missing. Great mouthpiece!

  • 5
    ACB Flugelhorn mouthpiece

    Posted by Michael White on 4th Feb 2022

    This mouthpiece is the ultimate upgrade for the ACB Doubler flugelhorn. I noticed not only increased range and better intonation, but also a much more comfortable playing experience. Although I was quoted an estimated 8 week lead time, the piece arrived in just under 3 weeks. Would definitely recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Zen Trumpet on 29th Jul 2021

    I was not expecting much but when I received the mouthpiece and started to play wow was I surprised. Comfort, intonation, articulation were all spot on. Somebody (Trent) really did their homework. Not just a good mouthpiece but a great one. The service and advice from Josh was what you would expect from a world class company-the best! Dont take my word for it and try one for yourself. I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised. Cheers!

  • 5
    A great comfortable mouthpiece

    Posted by Robert Moores on 11th Jul 2021

    Just got my ACB flugelhorn mouthpiece and it is sweet! Comfortable, easy-blowing, I've found a flug mouthpiece that I love. Trent, you are the best!

  • 5
    Flugelhorn Mouthpiece 3CFD

    Posted by Gregory on 25th Apr 2021

    The cup depth was perfect and the rim was comfortable. The rest is up to me. But this piece makes it easier.

  • 5
    ACB 7MDF Flugel Mouthpiece

    Posted by Andrew Maggard on 3rd Apr 2021

    Everything about the mouthpiece is just right for me. The rim has just enough bite. The sound I produce with this is noticeably more centered and it just sounds/feels sweeter. The 7MDF is definitely a winner if you like a ‘7C’ style rim width and feel.

  • 5
    mv3c flugelhorn mpc

    Posted by Chuck Beers on 16th Jan 2021

    I talked to Josh at ACB about a mpc change. He told me what l would probably like. Okay... It's perfect! Thanks to the ACB crew ,Chuck.

  • 5
    Papa Bear mouthpiece for flugelhorn

    Posted by Rick Roenne on 19th Dec 2020

    Your are right. Just a bit bigger than my Stromvi Flex 1, but OH WHAT A SOUND. Makes that horn have a sound as thick as New York Cheesecake. I will have to work a bit harder for the high notes but when I do, LOOK OUT. Just image when I get back together with the brass band I'm in, boy, are they going to be surprised. Thanks guys. Maybe some day I'll even try out an Adams horn.

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