ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 Selling Product at ACB (with new options!)

Austin Custom Brass
$899.99 $684.99 (You save $215.00)
Weight 8.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Shipping $20.00
Finish Required

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 Austin Custom Brass  "Doubler's"  Flugelhorn

(Our #1 selling instrument!)


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Austin Custom Brass has created an exciting line of high quality, budget-friendly custom instruments designed for doubling. If you want to play flugelhorn but can't justify paying top dollar for a brand-name instrument our Doubler's flugelhorn was created with your needs in mind. The 'Doubler' name is meant to for our series of horn that are a high quality and consistent and designed to be at a price point for people who need a professional horn but do not play one regularly enough to justify an investment of the sort you’d need for many of the pro quality horns on the market. This series gives people the opportunity to “double” on another horn without breaking the bank and without sacrificing quality.


This is a great option if you need a flugelhorn for playing in a big band section or want to broaden your palette as a jazz soloist. It's also a great option for a comeback player, hobbyist, or student!


This flugelhorn has a 6 inch bell that is almost 100% copper and a classic flugelhorn bore (.413"). It uses the large shank taper. The horn has a third-valve trigger for improved intonation. The valves are Monel. This flugelhorn is designed to make it easy to switch between flugel and your trumpet or cornet.


We perform a few custom alterations before we ship it to you, including a precision valve alignment, custom spring adjustment, a new leadpipe, extensive play-testing, and more. We spend at least 2 hours per horn adjusting and play-testing! The result is an incredible flugelhorn for a supremely great price!


Here's a review from one of our customers Mark Russo (3/28/19):

"Trent and the ACB Squad have done it again..... a 3 run Homer in the bottom of the 9th!  I’ve been an ACB client since the beginning and this is my second Doubler.  I can’t say enough good stuff about this horn!  It has a smooth, even tone over the whole horn. Intonation is pretty good and it blends and cuts enough in a section to get over the band and It’s very comfortable going between this and my Bb.  You won’t find a better horn for the price point.  Bravissimo ACB!!” 


This is the best value flugelhorn you can find! You will not find another inexpensive flugel with as many optimizations. The horn comes with a nice Pro-Tec style case and a generic, non-ACB manufactured mouthpiece (equivalent to a 3C diameter with a standard flugelhorn depth). Ask us about upgrading to one of our premium ACB flugelhorn mouthpieces! We can often offer a discounted ACB mouthpiece upgrade when you purchase a horn. Please call our Mouthpiece Hotline (781) 816-9664 or email us if you have any questions!


Scroll down to read about our various finish options for these flugels!




Thank you for your great support of ACB!



We work with a great company that produces the newest generation of ACB flugelhorns in many options. If you pre-order an instrument today you will lock in this price, regardless of the option you choose (we will add additional options in the future).   We did an initial order with this new company and cannot be more pleased by the results (our customers love the flugels too, see review below)! Take advantage of this pre-order special today!


Here are the available options:


Raw Brass  (this will develop a nice patina over time, some begin to developed one in shipment from the factory to our shop)


Clear Lacquer (our default finish option over the past 8 years)


Satin lacquer finish (we are extremely pleased with the look of this finish and customers have been loving it)


 Polished silver plate (gorgeous!)






(click the finish tab when ordering and also write your choice in comment section at checkout) 


 Please call 816-410-0826 or email us if you have any additional questions!


Please note international shipping will be an additional fee (usually $40-50 extra depending on the country for priority transit).  Contact us via email prior to ordering.


If you have additional questions send us an email. 


Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Return policy. 


Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of instrument.

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Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings)
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ACB Doubler Flugelhorn
Written by Frank on 13th Feb 2020

Beautiful horn with great colours and depth! Great blow, solid valves, fantastic response, and pretty solid intonation. Slides move great for adjusting pitchy spots, as do alternate fingerings. It reminds me a lot of a Yamaha flugelhorn I used to play, but for a much smaller price tag. Really can't get over the colours and ring this horn gets... The satin finish is beautiful as well. Thank you again, ACB!

ACB Doubler Flugelhorn
Written by Steve Mejia on 11th Aug 2019

What an awesome choice if you're looking for a flugelhorn! Intonation on these horns is spot on and the warm tone is great. I purchased the one in satin finish which is my favorite. This flugelhorn is worth well more than the price paid.

ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn = Incredible player, incredible value
Written by Ray Callender on 7th Aug 2019

I'm simply amazed by how great this doubler's flugelhorn plays. I've owned several vintage Couesnon flugels and a Kanstul 1525 and the new ACB flugel more than holds its own with the very best pro horns that cost 6X as much. It has that classic Couesnon inspired flugelhorn sound with the playability and intonation of a modern Yamaha. The fit and finish is really great too, especially for the price and the valves are the best on any flugelhorn I've owned. I'm sure the PVA that Trent does on each of these helps in that department. If you played one of the older ACB flugels (which were still really good horns for the $), believe me when I say the latest model is a lightyear ahead of the older ones. I can't say enough good things about this horn so I'll simply say that if you're looking for a great playing flugelhorn at a price that fits in a musician's budget, don't look any further than ACB!

ACB doubler flugel
Written by Baron Liu on 12th Jul 2019

A great horn for the price. Perfect for a highschooler like me. I get a brilliantly playing horn without breaking the bank. Havent had it for long but I’m loving the thing. My friend and I were noodling around on it and were having a blast. I cannot wait to put it to use with my school groups. The salesperson helping me (I believe his name was Josh) was very polite and helpful in educating me about what a shank was and how different mouthpieces worked with different shanks. I believe the mouthpeice upgrade was worth it. While the mouthpiece that came with the horn was nice, the mouthpiece I ordered is a masterpiece. Just to let you know their is a code you can use to get a discount and a mouthpiece upgrade if you are ordering it with a horn. Thank you Trent and the ACB crew for doing a awesome job!!

ACB Doubler Flugelhorn and Mouthpiece upgrade
Written by Don P. on 10th Jul 2019

I haven’t had my silver plated ACB Doubler Flugelhorn long, but based on what I can tell so far, it’s just about perfect for the role it is designed to fill, a good quality instrument that sells for an amazing price. I am impressed with the valve action and intonation of this horn. I had hoped they would be acceptable, they are actually quite good. From what I can tell (I’m no expert on Flugelhorns) it slots pretty well, the tone is quite nice, and (if you’re the sort of person who cares about such things) its tone and response from pedal C on down is magnificent. I haven’t owned the horn long enough to know how it will hold up, but I’m optimistic it will serve me well for many years. Almost as important as the horn is the help I got from Josh on the ACB sales staff about the flugelhorn mouthpiece upgrade I ordered with this horn. His knowledge of ACB mouthpieces helped me select an ACB Flugelhorn mouthpiece that is a good match for my trumpet mouthpiece in diameter and rim profile. There’s a world of difference (for me at least) between this mouthpiece and the one that comes standard with the horn. I’m very happy with both the ACB mouthpiece and the help I got in selecting it. I’m still getting used to the flugelhorn, but I can already tell that this mouthpiece makes my transitions between trumpet and flugelhorn much smoother and easier. If I earned my living as a studio musician playing trumpet and flugel full time, I’m pretty sure I would want a Kanstul 1525, but I’m not a full-time musician and I’m primarily a trumpet player. The purpose of this ACB Doubler is to expand my versatility and options. For that role, as far as I can tell so far, this horn is very close to perfect for what I need.

Quality horn absolutely worth the price!
Written by Brett Sutherland on 23rd Jun 2019

I have been looking at flugelhorns for a while now. Couldn't decide if I wanted to drop the major coin on an Adams flugelhorn or not, but once a friend let me try his ACB Doubler's that's a fraction of the price I was sold. I decided on the raw finish and the patina is starting to really make the beautiful look even better. Eventually, I still will probably get that beautiful Adams F2 brushed flugelhorn, but for the time being the ACB Doubler's is a perfect horn for anything I have to throw down the leadpipe! Thank you, Trent, for creating such a beautiful, cost-effective, and overall fantastic horn! Definitely will be a longtime customer!

This is a steal and a delight to play! Order today!
Written by Benjamin Minera on 16th Apr 2019

Whichever company ACB has partnered with to get this amazing return investment should be cheering with joy. These things are selling like hot cakes and for good reason. This horn is powerful, smooth, even, and has that warmth that I’ve been desperately craving from a flugelhorn for some time now. The case is lightweight but durable, I love the backpack straps and the awesome ACB logo. The generic mouthpiece they provide is pretty reliable to play around. The silver plate is simply beautiful, I can’t put it down whether it’s me playing it or just staring at it’s fine finish. One of the things I am most happy about is the valves, they were what I was a bit nervous about but don’t be if you’re considering this flugelhorn. I am glad I have this in my collection and I can’t wait to make even more business with ACBrass in the future.

ACB Doublers Flugelhorn
Written by PATRICK FLANIGAN on 13th Apr 2019

I recently purchased the satin finish version of this horn and I am very pleased with it. I'm normally a lower brass player and I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on a instrument that for me is not my primary instrument. But this instrument sounds as good as any as I could want, especially at this price. The finish is beautiful. The only thing that I wish could have been better is not having to wait so long, but that was due to Trump, not Trent. ACB went out of their way to be helpful.

ABC Satin Finish Doubler Flugelhorn
Written by Jon Nickol on 9th Apr 2019

I recently purchased the ACB Doubler Flugelhorn and I couldn't be more satisfied! The sound, intonation and quality of the build is remarkable. The brushed satin finish is just gorgeous. I don't think there's a better flugelhorn available in that price range that equals the ACB Doubler. Highly recommend and thanks a bunch, Trent!

Doubler's Flugel - Satin Finish
Written by James Eldreth on 8th Apr 2019

I absolutely love this horn! The design fits perfectly in my hands, it has a very rich tone, and it has great slotting in every register. I purchased this horn because I was unhappy with my Leblanc F357 Arturo Sandoval flugel. The ACB flugel plays like a dream! I also love that the water keys are levers instead of amado-style, like on my old Leblanc. The one on my third valve slide had to be soldered back on multiple times. I highly recommend this horn!

Review of Doubler
Written by Karen McCarthy on 24th Mar 2019

To be honest, I am a comeback player. I had a Getzen flugelhorn 35 years ago and haven't played one since. After getting back to playing and practicing and hearing someone play an Adams 5 at an event I was at, I just needed to get another. Of course the Adams was out of the question but knowing the guys would take care to deliver a nice horn, I was sold on the Doubler. I'm taking it slow and steady but thus far it is everything I'd hoped for and all that I need. I'm looking forward to playing it along side others but already know it will hold it's own. Also to be honest, I might have given this horn 4 stars only because it can't really stack up next to a $3,500.00 horn but I HAD to throw in the extra star for the customer service and expertise. I was so impressed, I may fly to KC when it comes time for an upgrade.

Dream come true
Written by Doug Chambliss on 18th Aug 2018

I have wanted a Flugelhorn since 1972. That's the year Mancini and Severinsen released Brass on Ivory. I can't play it like Doc did, but I sure am having fun trying. Beautiful horn, beautiful sound.

ACB Doubler's Flugel
Written by Sebastian Calderon on 23rd Jun 2018

This is quite possibly one of the best flugelhorns I have played in my life! Back at school they had Yamaha's which didn't even compare to the Doubler that I received rather recently. This is a fantastic horn, the finish looks even better than I expected it to be and I have loved playing with it. I also appreciate the cheap and fast shipping to the land down under of Australia! Keep up the fantastic work and you can certainly expect more purchases from me in the future.

Written by Jack Brady on 23rd Jun 2018

Got my new horn the other is immaculate! The finish... Valves... Slides... Lead pipe are superior. Plays really well... I'm very happy with the Doubler... It's everything they say it is. Glad I found Austin Custom Brass online... Thank you guys for an easy honest transaction... And horn that will last a lifetime.