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ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet

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  • ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet
  • ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet
  • ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet
  • ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet
  • ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet
  • ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet
  • ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet


ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet

We're very excited to offer a dual trigger shepherd's crook cornet in our Doubler's line! We spent a lot of time and iterations working with the factory to get these cornets just how we wanted them, and now these horns are definitely a keeper! Perfect with a short shank mouthpiece (the ACB short shank cornet mouthpiece is pictured) this horn has a wonderfully rich sound and very smooth response. It has a .468 bore, a standard throat 4 3/4  inch bell, and dual triggers. This is a perfect option for the player who just signed up for Brass Band and doesn't want to spend 3-4K on a world-class cornet. Check this horn out!


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Our customers are really enjoying these cornets! Check out some of the reviews below, like this one:

"This cornet is a fine instrument. The valve action is fast and crisp, the horn slots well and the range is excellent. Josh was certainly right when he told me it was unbeatable at this price point. I own a number of cornets (purchased used) that all play well, but not better than this one. This will be my number one pick for my work in parades (over ½ dozen each summer) and for performances of my Dixieland Band, which performs many times per year. I am perfectly satisfied with the Doubler’s!" -Elmo


Review of dual-trigger ACB cornet by Mike Doolin, 2/4/2022:
I’ve had this horn a couple of weeks now. I’m an intermediate-skill player who played through grammar school and high school and was on track to go to the Eastman….then I got tossed out of HS and that ended my brief musical career. That was in 1959 – I’m old! I returned to trumpet four years ago while recuperating from knee surgery. I’m in four different New Horizons groups in Rochester NY and have been to hours of rehearsals and practice with this cornet. These are first impressions. A few months from now and hundreds more hours on the horn and I’ll check back in. But for now:
-       A very nice horn for $540. I’ve paid more than this for older, used horns. Most don’t measure up to this one.
-       Manufacturing quality seems quite good. I haven’t noticed any defects so far. Everything fits well, the finish is excellent, no dings/dents/scratches.
-       The horn slots quite well. A couple of my other horns – I have 4 cornets, two trumpets and a flugel – are very finicky. This one isn’t. I’m always sure about what note I’m going to land on.
-       It seems quite light and is easy to hold for extended periods. Balance in the hand is good. Some of my other horns, not so much.
-       It plays well. Valve action is sure and quick. The first valve started to stick early on, but I pulled it, cleaned it and re-oiled it and that solved the issue.
-       I’m still learning to use the third-valve trigger. My other horns all have finger rings, so this is a big change. My 1960 Selmer K and 1955 Reynolds Contempora both have 1st valve triggers so that is not an issue. Frankly I probably would have been better off with the cornet version that just had finger rings.
-       The included case is very nice and much higher quality than I would expect at this price point. It’s nearly as nice as the case that came with my Bach trumpet.
-       Several of my fellow trumpet players in my New Horizons groups tried it out during rehearsals this past week. They were universally surprised that this is a $500 horn. These are mostly Bach owners who know quality when they see (and play) it.
-       Josh at ACB was extremely helpful when I called for more info before buying this. He was very friendly and full of knowledge. You get the impression that this is an easy place to do business with, full of fellow trumpet players who will be quick to help if there’s an issue.
-       Overall, a very nice horn for the price.
-       I’ll do business with these folks again. You should too.

In this mini-lesson, Trent talks about doubling on different instruments and gives some practice strategies and advice on switching between horns:

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23 Reviews

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    ACB Doubler's Large Bore Cornet - Lacquer Finish

    Posted by steve r on 3rd Feb 2023

    Excellent Cornet for the price! The valve action is as good as either of my Pro Trumpets. The finish is very nice. Upon arrival I played this horn exclusively (no Bb or Flugel playing) for 5 days. The following Sunday I played it at my Church. The Pastor asked me to hold it up so that the Congregation could see it!

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    The ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet this

    Posted by JAMES SEGURA on 5th Jan 2023

    The ACB Doubler's Dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's Crook Cornet is a great playing horn. The Satin Finish is really beautiful. I would recommend this Cornet to anyone who wants a quality Cornet at a very reasonable price.

  • 4
    Good Horn for Price

    Posted by Tim Deyton on 8th Dec 2022

    Pros: Solid horn for the price. Nice warm sound. Great for early jazz or even concert/brass band. Fifth partials seem to be very close. Cons: Intonation in lower register (below low C). Tends to flatten as the horn gets longer below low C. The horn is a little stuff feeling for me, but I will grant that most of my experience in playing is trumpet and flugel of all types, so it could be just me.

  • 5
    Exactly what I was looking for

    Posted by Mike on 22nd May 2022

    As a customer from Australia, the prices are elevated and options limited for cornets. I wanted a solid cornet to add to my collection without going nuts. The band I'm does occasional marches and I wanted a cornet rather than using one of my trumpets. I contacted ACB and found Josh was so helpful. Due to CV19, the shipping cost a bit more, but with the care that the ACB team take to setup the instrument before sending, I knew I'd get something that wouldn't just be 'straight from the factory' like most local suppliers would provide. Imagine my delight when the day after my order I got a video link from Kyle @ ACB demoing the horns (this one and a Fluge) he'd just prepped for me! They both traveled around the planet over Easter and I received them just 5 days later. Amazing service!

  • 5
    Fantastic Cornet

    Posted by Raymond Lynch on 5th Feb 2022

    Great Cornet with fantastic valves and great sound.Customer service from Josh was as great as it gets.Very Knowledgeable and friendly to discuss all things brass!! Second time i purchased the same exact model and this horn is great as the first one!!!!

  • 5
    ACB Dual Trigger Large bore Satin Cornet

    Posted by Raymond Lynch on 30th Jan 2022

    I would like to say that this Cornet plays fantastic ..Josh Was a great and Knowledgeable customer service person.This cornet has beautiful finish and fast valves.Im really enjoying playing cornet again.Thank you to the whole ACB team and especially to Josh.This is the second time i purchased this exact cornet and i am very happy i purchased it again.

  • 5
    ACB Doublers Large Bore Cornet

    Posted by Robert Bottger on 16th Jan 2022

    Great horn for a great price! Smooth valances, good pitch, beautiful tone and the satin lacquer looks amazing!

  • 5
    Can't go wrong with ACB

    Posted by Chris Morgan on 21st Nov 2021

    I bought this horn since I own the Doubler Flugel and recently the Doubler Picc too. This horn is outstanding! I just played it last night in our local brass band and had several other cornetists ask if they could try it out. They too were blown away (no pun intended)!

  • 5
    ACB Doublers Dual Trigger Large Bore Cornet

    Posted by Ron Shapiro on 7th Nov 2021

    An excellent instrument. Required a few small initial adjustments to suit my own playing, in particular a set of lighter springs to maintain relaxed fingers after several hours of mainly solo jazz playing. I find the very tight springs quite unnecessary even for the fastest fingerings. Also took me a little time to find the best all round mouthpiece, though in the end decided that the Austin piece that came with it produced the best vibes, but took a little getting used to. I normally play a Schilke cornet but I find this new one just as good. And a surprisingly reasonable price.

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