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"It is amazing how much a mouthpiece can change the sound of a horn. When I first played on this mouthpiece, the quality of sound on my old cornet went from strident to lush, warm and mellow. These are the characteristics you want on a cornet. Plus, the design of the rim is incredibly comfortable. This is a stellar mouthpiece." -Mark Rapp
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Introducing the new ACB Cornet Mouthpieces!



The five cup depths in the ACB Cornet line:


"D" Cup: shallow bowl which is great for piccolo and trad jazz


"C" Cup: good for all-around and even piccolo


"B" Cup: a nice rich solo cornet sound and ensemble piece for brass band performance


"Hybrid TF" Cup: great for solo work and jazz, as well as brass band


"A" Cup: an extremely deep, almost deep flugelhorn piece that produces an amazingly rich tone. This is a huge mouthpiece depth wise, but the sound it makes for a very strong player is glorious!


1 Series mouthpieces: Similar to the Papa/00 in the Legacy series, the rim is .684".

1 ¼ seriesthis has a classic Bach Mt. Vernon 1-1/4C mouthpiece rim that's blended in the CAD program to our cups. The rim is .673".

1 ½ Series: this piece has a classic Bach Mt. Vernon 1-½ C mouthpiece rim that's blended in the CAD program to our cups. The rim is .668".

  • "Trent makes some ridiculously good mouthpieces. He's either a genius or completely lottery lucky on mouthpiece designs. His 1.25Orch model is to die for. Try it for yourself" -a satisfied customer

2 Series rim (based on our ACB MV3C rim): this piece has a classic Bach Mt. Vernon 3C mouthpiece rim that's blended in the CAD program to our cups. The rim is .664".

  • "I have the MV3C and the MV3L. Both have a great sound and are really easy to play." -Mario

3 Series mouthpieces: same rim as on my Legacy 3C, which is my take on a fantastic Bach 3C mouthpiece from the late 60's; I have never played a 3C like it.

4 Series rim (based on our ACB 3CS rim): the rim is comfortable, with an inner diameter of .650".

5 Series mouthpieces: long considered a transitional mouthpiece for the student, I've spent a bunch on time on this piece as most of my earlier prototypes didn't make the cut. This mouthpiece has an incredibly rich tone with fantastic articulations and ease in all registers. It's a great, comfortable mouthpiece with a .644" inner diameter!

  • "I've given Trent's 3C mouthpiece a 5 star review in the past and thought I'd do the same for the 3CS (now the 4CS in our new standard line) that I'm currently playing... It's quite simply the most comfortable and most responsive 3C type mouthpiece I've ever played with a fat, warm core to the sound. It's just a super efficient design that sounds great, what else do you need in a mouthpiece! Thanks so much for all the great gear you've made available to the trumpet world, keep up the great work Trent!" -Ray


10 ½ series mouthpieces: while this is a fairly small diameter mouthpiece (.630") it produces a big tone, with a fine high register and resonating low register. I started with this piece thinking it would a good mouthpiece for students to start on, but I find it very good for all players, especially those with very thin lips and ones who want a bit more corner support.

  •  "About a year ago, I switched to the ACB Lead 1. I have virtually played every brand on the market over the past 20 years and nothing has helped secure my playing like the Lead 1. The sound, articulation and projection is second to none. Trent is not only a first class musician but also a first class gentleman and businessman. Kudos to making equipment that works with you to maximize the musician within!" -a satisfied customer

TA1 Series (designed for my own personal playing needs): While the TA1 is based on Clark Terry’s mouthpiece, I made a few alterations and improvements. Clark’s original rim design was VERY flat, so for the TA1 I modified the rim and cup to make it more accessible for today’s modern player. The TA1 rim is still flat, but not nearly as pronounced as on Clark’s mouthpiece. I increased the diameter of the piece as well, as the original was a tiny bit small for my taste. The inner diameter is .639".



Please note all ACB  Cornet mouthpieces are made to order for the client and require a 6-10 week build/plating time.

Digital renderings of the different cup depths:

D Cup
FREE US Shipping on all orders.
Please note there are no returns on custom orders, Gold plating is considered a custom order.
Call the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to place an order! +1-781-816-9664 
Here's a recent review from one of our clients:

"Bought a TA2A, at the beginning of the year and being playing it for most of the time.
I've been playing British Brass Band music in Germany, Spain and USA for almost 40 years. Most of the time I used a Wick 4b, Bach 5 and Sparx 4. 3 years ago I moved to Scotland and found out that my sound was way too bright for British Brass Banding. Switched from a 4 cup to a 3 cup helped a little, but was not sufficient.
So beginning of 2014 I ordered a TA2A from Trent. I first was afraid that the rim would be too large and that my upper range would be lowered. However, I was very surprised how comfortable the rim felt and I was able to obtain my upper pretty much.
The Sound is extremely full and smooth, fitting perfectly into the REAL British Brass Sound.
Rim (regular blank) is extremely comfortable and gives lots of support even after my lips tired out.
I have tried a DW 3 RW (no letter) before - which this mouthpiece has been based on - and I sounded dead and dull, beside my upper register was very limited and the rim was very uncomfortable (for me).
Is this the perfect British Brass Band Cornet mouthpiece? Sound-wise I would say yes. The large V cup and wide open throat gives it that full and smooth sound you want in British Brass Banding. However, there is a price to pay: Air support and a decent embouchure."

If you have additional questions send us an email

Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of the item.


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  • 5
    ACB cornet mouthpieces

    Posted by Sandy Middleton on 16th Nov 2023

    I got these mouthpieces as part of a bundle with the Adams CN1 cornet.I chose a MVC3 w/b cup and a C3 w/c cup.Both are good mouthpieces,but I prefer the b cup.It seems to give me a slightly bigger sound.So I will probably use it along with my "very old" C.M. Purviance

  • 5
    Great Mouthpiece!

    Posted by Michael on 19th Oct 2023

    I needed a good Cornet Mouthpiece--the Custom Work from the good folks at Austin Custom Brass really fit the bill! It's a unique cross between the Trumpet and Flugelhorn--it maintains the acoustics of the trumpet, but is flavored with the smooth sound of the Flugelhorn: Perfect combo! So happy to have this one :)

  • 5
    Papa Bear with the "A" cup.

    Posted by Rick Roenne on 7th Dec 2021

    This is the mouthpiece for Cornet that I have been looking for. Open sound, rich, full, tone. Makes my "Neo" by Yamaha play like nothing I have played before. I have not yet had the chance to try the Olds Recording Cornet, but better believe I will. OH, and if you are curious, the upper range is that of my Bach 3, only fuller. And yes, high "C" to "G" are there too.

  • 5
    Great Mouthpiece

    Posted by JesusM on 7th Dec 2021

    I bought this mouthpiece because I recently purchased an early 1908 Conn Conqueror. The original mouthpiece had rusted out the bottom of the shank and gave me a weird overtone. I decided to go with a deep bowl gold rim to match the gold washed bell. It’s beautiful. I posted a picture on the Facebook page. Anywho, this think makes me sound deep and rich, down side is the horn has a lot of leaky air in the third valve. But I am now looking at acquiring a newer cornet. I have had nothing but exceptional quality and service from Trent and Josh. God bless and keep it up. This was the second of the 4 orders I placed in the last month and a half.

  • 5
    ACB 2B Cornet (short shank) mpc

    Posted by Richard Roenne on 2nd Mar 2021

    It took 19 weeks and 3 days for it to come in, and it is well worth the wait. It is on a FX standard blank with a 2B rim and a "B" cup. I mainly got this to go with the Olds Recording Cornet I recently got from ACB. Since that time I have had surgery on my throat for a bulge on one side. This took place towards the end of January and the doctor said I could not play for at least 6 weeks. I have a week and a half to go. I'm sure it going to be everything I have hoped for. That nice big buttery sound that a cornet should have. I will update what I will find out in 12 days.

  • 5
    3CS-tf cornet mouthpiece

    Posted by Jeff McNabb on 26th Dec 2020

    This is a very comfortable mouthpiece to play. I'm able to achieve very rich flugelhorn tones. I plan to use this to play soft dinner music on the cornet with a piano player. So far I've played for a couple hours per practice and do not feel I need any lip rest. My main cornet mouthpiece up to now has been the Yamaha 14E-GP, which is an excellent mouthpiece for producing rich dark tones. However this new mouthpiece is a little more comfortable and heavier in mass. I have found my new go-to cornet mouthpiece.

  • 5

    Posted by Scott Bogard on 13th Nov 2020

    So far, I really like this mouthpiece, here's the cliff notes version of my review: Mouthpiece feels good, and works well for my needs. Mouthpiece looks good, even on the vintage horn I'm using it with. Communication with ACB was great, but strongly I recommend contacting them before buying anything. My only con is it felt like it took forever to arrive, but it's a custom machined product, and I ordered it during a pandemic. The long version: I had to get a new mouthpiece... I was using a one hundred year old "V" cup of unknown make and size, for the last decade and a half. It had it's problems, but I liked the sound it made, and the fact that it was "so vintage" had a definite cool factor, so I kept using it. I then, by chance, discovered the vintage nickel-silver alloy it was made with, contained lead, so I had to stop using it, despite how much I loved it. I got it plated, but the plating started to flake off after about a year, so I decided it was time for a new one, and I didn't want to risk another vintage piece. I knew ACB could do custom pieces so I reached out to them, to find something that would perform similar to my piece, but would be safe to use. I spoke with Josh over email, and he recommended the 1.25 CS-b, and that's what I decided to go with. He told me that the TF cup would have been more similar to what I already had, but I told him since I was getting something new, "a little more projection" and "easier to play for long concerts" would be nice, and so he recommended the b cup instead. I caution you, definitely don't just order something random without talking to them, there are too many options and you might not get what you need, and their system of sizing and rims is not very intuitive. I should note, it did take several weeks longer to arrive than advertised, but as I said, it's a pandemic right now, so I think that's forgivable. I did check in at the 12 (I think) week mark for an update, and one was given to me that same day, they were waiting on their plating shop. I'm sure this could happen again, so if you need something fast, (and definitely, test your vintage pieces for lead, guys) don't go the custom route. I was starting to feel a bit impatient, but in the end, it was worth the wait for me. After the piece arrived I started to play with it at home. I haven't had a chance to take it to brass practice, yet, and might update this review if I have any issues, but after several hours of playing I think it'll be fine. With that said, it slots differently than my vintage piece. A lot... I checked myself with a tuner, and everything is good though, so either my old piece was wrong for years (oops), or I've already gotten used to the new one. I will say, it did start to feel much more "normal sounding" after I found my ideal embouchure for this piece, which took about an hour of playing, and isn't quite where I expected it to be. I feel like it's pretty reasonable for two mouthpieces designed over a hundred (estimate) years apart to feel and sound different though. I haven't played long enough in one go to comment on endurance, or at least I don't think so. It feels like I can go forever, but a grueling practice with my brass group will be the real test, as opposed to just messing around in my living room doing scales and playing memorized bits of the Hummel concerto a hundred times. The tone is lovely! It's brighter for sure than my vintage piece, but still feels very "cornet", and not at all "trumpet". I honestly prefer this tone to my vintage piece, which surprised me greatly. It's not near as bright as my Bach 3C piece, which I stopped using ages ago, because it was too bright. It has really, REALLY helped with my perceived projection. I can blow exceptionally loud with little fatigue, compared to both my vintage piece, or my 3C, which is important; my vintage cornet has a really hard time with solos over a large band. At first I felt like my range was suffering, but after finding my new "correct" embouchure for this piece, I can play just as high as before, which for me on a normal day, is the F above the staff, (I never could hit above that on cornet on any mouthpiece, with any semblance of consistency, but I also never need to for what I play in my particular brass group.) Lastly it looks good. I'm not a big fan of brushed finishes, but after seeing it in person, it looks about fifty times better than the photos on the website, IMO. It looks heavy in the photos, but not so in person. It feels very light, and I'd say is only slightly heavier than my vintage piece. The smooth lines and lack of knurling/ornamentation gives it a strong "YORK-ALTRU mouthpiece from the early 20's" vibe, that looks great on my vintage York Perfectone cornet, but would look just as great on a modern horn. The rim, despite being labeled as a 1.25, is more narrow than my vintage piece, but I'm adjusting to it quickly. Josh said that would be the case. Having not played a lot of orchestral trumpet mouthpieces, the 1.25CS rim feels maybe a smidge larger than my 3C, but not as big as a 1.5C (trumpet), but it's really hard to tell by feel, and I'm not going to bother with calipers because frankly I don't care... Like I said, I had adjusted to it after like 2 hours of playing or so, and it's thus far continually getting easier. My final note is since I got this piece, I'm practicing a lot more than I did, and having fun doing it... Apparently my old rig, though I loved it, was getting stale, and it was definitely time for a change. Time will tell if the piece is really that great, or if it's placebo because I apparently needed something new in my life to make it fresh and exciting. I do plan on trying some additional new stuff in the future here though, but I'm very happy with my purchase, and recommend reaching out to these guys, if playing is starting to feel stale for you also, or if you want to diversify your mouthpiece collection for the specific genres you play. I'll probably get a TF cup for my next purchase, but who knows...

  • 5
    Short Shank Cornet Mouthpiece

    Posted by Mark Rapp on 22nd Aug 2020

    It is amazing how much a mouthpiece can change the sound of a horn. When I first played on this mouthpiece, the quality of sound on my old cornet went from strident to lush, warm and mellow. These are the characteristics you want on a cornet. Plus, the design of the rim is incredibly comfortable. This is a stellar mouthpiece.

  • 5

    Posted by Rich Day on 17th Jan 2020

    This is a really well made mouthpiece. I love the brushed finish. I bought the deepest cup with the MV3 rim. Very warm mouthpiece. I play mainly jazz with this mouthpiece and I am very happy with it.