Short Shank Cornet Mouthpieces from Austin Custom Brass!

Austin Custom Brass
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Weight 2.00 LBS
Height 5.00 (in)
Width 5.00 (in)
Depth 5.00 (in)
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Introducing the new ACB Cornet Mouthpieces!



The five cup depths in the ACB Cornet line:

"D" Cup: shallow bowl which is great for piccolo and trad jazz

"C" Cup: good for all-around and even piccolo

"B" Cup: a nice rich solo cornet sound and ensemble piece for brass band performance

"Hybrid TF" Cup: great for solo work and jazz, as well as brass band

"A" Cup: an extremely deep, almost deep flugelhorn piece that produces an amazingly rich tone. This is a huge mouthpiece depth wise, but the sound it makes for a very strong player is glorious!

Please note all ACB  Cornet mouthpieces are made to order for the client and require a 6-10 week build/plating time.

Digital renderings of the different cup depths:

D Cup
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Please note there are no returns on custom orders, Gold plating is considered a custom order.
Call the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to place an order! +1-781-816-9664 
Here's a recent review from one of our clients:

"Bought a TA2A, at the beginning of the year and being playing it for most of the time.
I've been playing British Brass Band music in Germany, Spain and USA for almost 40 years. Most of the time I used a Wick 4b, Bach 5 and Sparx 4. 3 years ago I moved to Scotland and found out that my sound was way too bright for British Brass Banding. Switched from a 4 cup to a 3 cup helped a little, but was not sufficient.
So beginning of 2014 I ordered a TA2A from Trent. I first was afraid that the rim would be too large and that my upper range would be lowered. However, I was very surprised how comfortable the rim felt and I was able to obtain my upper pretty much.
The Sound is extremely full and smooth, fitting perfectly into the REAL British Brass Sound.
Rim (regular blank) is extremely comfortable and gives lots of support even after my lips tired out.
I have tried a DW 3 RW (no letter) before - which this mouthpiece has been based on - and I sounded dead and dull, beside my upper register was very limited and the rim was very uncomfortable (for me).
Is this the perfect British Brass Band Cornet mouthpiece? Sound-wise I would say yes. The large V cup and wide open throat gives it that full and smooth sound you want in British Brass Banding. However, there is a price to pay: Air support and a decent embouchure."

If you have additional questions send us an email

Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of the item.


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Product Reviews

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Written by Rich Day on 17th Jan 2020

This is a really well made mouthpiece. I love the brushed finish. I bought the deepest cup with the MV3 rim. Very warm mouthpiece. I play mainly jazz with this mouthpiece and I am very happy with it.

Great for doubling
Written by David on 11th Aug 2019

Got the MV3CS C recommended by Josh to go with my doublers cornet. It is a really comfortable mouthpiece, has a great sound, and makes doubling much easier. The brushed finish looks sharp too, but insertion marks show up quickly. Very happy.

Written by Don Miller on 3rd Jun 2019

Great piece. Does what I wanted ie: darkens the brilliance of my long-model cornet. Great for back benchers in lower registers.