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"Chaps since delivery of my mouthpiece I haven’t been able to put it down. This is by far the best mp I’ve ever owned. Perfect slotting, pure, clean notes, warm sound, super comfortable and a dream tone. Oh and a great service. What more can you ask for :-)" -Leslie
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Please note  as of 1/1/2024 this page will be pre-orders only.  All of our new standard series pieces are in stock and can be ordered at this link:


We are still able to make any one of these older series pieces but only on a custom basis and requiring 6-8 week minimum timeframes for building. 


"Making custom mouthpieces is one of the main reasons I opened up my shop. I wanted to make a mouthpiece that felt comfortable, had a rich sound full of overtones, and didn't zap my endurance! After a lot of time on the lathe, I'm proud to say I've developed a comprehensive offering of mouthpieces sizes for any gig! We have the absolute best tolerances in the industry!" -Trent Austin

Our ACB mouthpiece line covers a huge range of options, giving you incredible control over your sound and taking your performance to the next level. Our goal is to help you get the sound you hear in your head out into the world, as easily and efficiently as possible.

Click here to see the options and equivalencies!


Click the "Videos" section below to see detailed video demonstrations of our mouthpiece line! New videos uploaded frequently, please email us if there's a specific mouthpiece you'd like to hear.

Please call the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to place an order! (781) 816-9664


2023 update:  We are slowly discontinuing as stock options a fair amount of our lesser popular sizes and external blanks... they are still all available but some special order pieces will be a slight increased wait.. Email us for lead-times.


You can also email us with questions!

Scroll down to read our detailed descriptions, and customer reviews like these:

"As usual, ACB is killing it! Love the pieces. Comfy. Efficient. Rich sound! What more could you want??!?!" -J

Chaps since delivery of my mouthpiece I haven’t been able to put it down. This is by far the best mp I’ve ever owned. Perfect slotting, pure, clean notes, warm sound, super comfortable and a dream tone. Oh and a great service. What more can you ask for :-)" -Leslie

"I just purchased  TA Screech trumpet mouthpiece. Awesome mouthpiece. It usually took me approximately 2-weeks to get acclimated to a new mouthpiece. Not this one. Bing, bang, boom, my solid note is F# above high C triple forte. Thank you Trent & Josh. You people, as far as I’m concerned are above & beyond. Looking forward to playing the A4 LT mL bore/461 bore..." -Chuck (1.24.21)


Here's a quick video where I discuss some different options I've been playing lately:


Check the insides of some of my most popular sizes!



I also think it's important to have a mouthpiece that looks good! To do this, I've developed a number of blanks (outside shapes) to balance weight, resistance, and player feedback to make your playing more enjoyable and more efficient!



This video is a live session where I discuss the mouthpiece blank options we offer at ACB:

Most of our ACB mouthpieces are in stock in the standard blank. Other ACB blanks are custom made to order and may not be in stock. Please note that almost every manufacturer measures in a slightly different place, so the comparison information sheet is for broad comparisons only.


All custom orders take 2-4 months from payment to build. We do require payment up front. Please review our shipping and return policy

Please note there are no returns on custom orders; gold plating is considered a custom order. 

We would love to answer any questions you may have about a custom order! Give our Mouthpiece Hotline a call at (781) 816-9664 or email us with questions!


Larger Sized ACB  mouthpieces (.674+) : 

  • Papa Bear: This mouthpiece is not for the faint of heart! It has an extremely large mouthpiece (.684) which puts it around an old Bach 1 diameter. The cup is a large bowl, throat #20 and a custom backbore give this piece the most efficiency while maintaining a HUGE sound.  
  • Bee Bear: Similar to the Papa this mouthpiece has a medium large b-shaped bowl, and slightly smaller backbore.
  • New York 1: This originally started out as a CMM scan of a very early New York Bach 1 mouthpiece. The cup and rim are very similar, the backbore and throat are matched with this cup to produce a very large sound shape. This is a great orchestral mouthpiece!
  • 1C: This is my take on an older Bach 1C but with an improved throat and backbore combo. It feels significantly more efficient and sounds more energized while maintaining a rich core throughout all registers. This mouthpiece has our standard 24 throat and 10/24 combo backbore.

"I've been playing the Cee Bear now for 2 months and the more I use it and the more I compare it to other mouthpieces, the more I like it. It is extremely easy and fast responding, making it much easier for me to play more beautiful. The sound is full, but not dull and works great on my Bb and C trumpet. Even though it is a very large rim, I do not seem to sacrifice any notes in the upper register. My sound on Bb and C never sounded better. I mainly play in a local Orchestra and for that purpose it is the best I ever had." -a satisfied customer


Smaller Symphonic sized mouthpieces (.668-674):

  • 1.25 CB: This has a classic Bach Mt. Vernon 1-1/4C mouthpiece rim that's blended in the CAD  program with a great old Bach 5B cup. The result is an incredibly rich sounding mouthpiece without losing efficiency or having the turbulent points caused by a traditional "screw-rim"  setup.
  •  1.25C: This is  a take on a great 1 1/4C mouthpiece with some refinements in bore, backbore, and throat. To me it feels more like a 1.5C due to the great efficiency. 
  • 1 1/2B: This is a great sounding orchestral mouthpiece. While not as wide as the Papa Bear (the diameter is like a modern 1 1/2) the rim is comfortable and forgiving. The cup bowl is reminiscent of some rotary trumpet mouthpieces. I've always loved those mouthpieces, but the backbores and end shanks are really not made for conventional piston trumpets. My mouthpieces are made to work with piston trumpets and still work really well in rotary trumpets! 
  • 1 1/2C: This is one of my best-selling mouthpieces and extremely comfortable compared to other manufacturers' "cookie cutter" rim contoured 1 1/2's.
  • 1.5 CB: Similar to the 1.25 CB with my ACB 1 1/2C rim

"Trent makes some ridiculously good mouthpieces. He's either a genius or completely lottery lucky on mouthpiece designs. His 1.25Orch model is to die for. Try it for yourself" -a satisfied customer


Classic "MV" diameter sized pieces (based on a great Bach Mt. Vernon rim): 

  • MV 1 1/4C: This is my modernized take on the Bach Mt. Vernon 1-1/4C mouthpiece. I match this piece with my O backbore and a slightly enlarged throat and throat entrance. It plays incredibly well and also has a very "classic" sound!
  • 665MC: Slightly larger than the MV 3C, this has a more efficient cup shape than on my MV 3C mouthpieces.
  • MV 3C: Another special mouthpiece, please check out this link for more info:
  • MV3CS: MV3C rim with my CS cup -- it's slightly smaller and also has a much more efficient entrance into the throat. This helps the articulation and adds a lively "zip" to the sound. This mouthpiece is especially good on vintage trumpets or overly dark horns to make them "speak." Paired with the MO backbore for a balanced feel.

"I have the MV3C and the MV3L. Both have a great sound and are really easy to play." -Mario


Medium sized Standard Series Mouthpieces (.630-656)

  • 3: My take on a classic 1928 mouthpiece. I tweaked a bunch inside this mouthpiece and while it still retains the core sound the piece plays considerably more efficiently and consistently in all registers.
  • 3B: Same rim as on my 3C but with a medium deep B-shaped bowl. It's one of my most popular mouthpieces and has an incredibly warm tone!
  • 3C: My take on a fantastic Bach 3C mouthpiece from the late 60's; I have never played a 3C like it. I think the added mass and proper matching backbore make this a formidable all-around mouthpiece!
  • 3CS: Similar to the 3C except it's slightly smaller and has a much more efficient entrance into the throat. It helps the articulation and adds a lively "zip" to the sound. This mouthpiece is especially good on vintage trumpets or overly dark horns to make them "speak".
  • 5B: My modernized take on one of the finest mouthpieces ever made, the Bach New York 5B. I've made the ACB 5B mouthpiece much more efficient than the vintage counterpart while maintaining the great sound shape and spread. It's one of my most popular sizes.
  • 5C: Long considered a transitional mouthpiece for the student, I've spent a bunch on time on this piece as most of my earlier prototypes didn't make the cut. This mouthpiece has an incredibly rich tone with fantastic articulations and ease in all registers. It's a great, comfortable mouthpiece!

"I've given Trent's 3C mouthpiece a 5 star review in the past and thought I'd do the same for the 3CS that I'm currently playing... It's quite simply the most comfortable and most responsive 3C type mouthpiece I've ever played with a fat, warm core to the sound. It's just a super efficient design that sounds great, what else do you need in a mouthpiece! Thanks so much for all the great gear you've made available to the trumpet world, keep up the great work Trent!" -Ray


Smaller diameter Standard Series  Mouthpieces:

  • 10 1/2C: While this is a fairly small diameter mouthpiece it produces a big tone, with a fine high register and resonating low register. I started with this piece thinking it would a good mouthpiece for students to start on, but I find it very good for all players, especially those with very thin lips and ones who want a bit more corner support.
  • 10CV: Another new addition to the line, this mouthpiece was made for folks who want a compact efficient commercial mouthpiece but who "bottom-out" on smaller pieces. This rim is very similar to an older Giardinelli 10 and the cup a medium shallow  hybrid v/bowl shape.  The result is a very good all-around show and commercial mouthpiece. It's also an excellent choice for jazz soloists looking for a piece for extended solo work.  
  • 1-27: This is my take on a fantastic vintage piece, the Al Cass 1-27. The cup and rim are loosely based off the Al Cass mouthpiece. I then used a slightly more aggressive entrance into the bowl of the mouthpiece and also a tighter backbore to make the piece zip even more. The inner diameter is around a 7C but with a round and comfortable rim. The cup volume is less than a 7C for sure, so this mouthpiece has a lot more efficiency and sparkle to the sound.
  • Lead 1.25: I've always loved the cup of the Marcinkiewicz Shew 1.25, and played on that mouthpiece for many years. I felt the piece's weight, straight throat, and backbore could be improved for my own use. I designed this mouthpiece to feel more forgiving (especially in this blank) and gained more core in the overall sound shape. This mouthpiece is a weapon for the commercial trumpet player!

"About a year ago, I switched to the ACB Lead 1. I have virtually played every brand on the market over the past 20 years and nothing has helped secure my playing like the Lead 1. The sound, articulation and projection is second to none. Trent is not only a first class musician but also a first class gentleman and businessman. Kudos to making equipment that works with you to maximize the musician within!" -a satisfied customer


TA Series (designed for my own personal playing needs)

  • TA2: It has a cup design which while being fairly shallow bowl shaped has an efficient entrance into the bottom of the cup to make it very efficient without sounding brittle. The rim is semi-flat with good support and is close to a "3-ish" diameter (.664). The TA1 is still my primary piece and I find it fantastic for everything but lead and show playing. That's where the TA2 comes in for me. It feels like a great show mouthpiece. I remember one gig where I played it on some 3 horn Sinatra arrangements and it was great to solo on and then sizzles above high C without getting smaller in sound shape.  
  • TA-Lead: This is  a model I've created for my own lead mouthpiece use. This rim is extremely comfortable, similar to an old Giardinelli 10S mouthpiece but rounder and more forgiving. The cup depth is shallow enough for great compression yet produces an incredibly rich tone in all registers. Standard 28 throat and my "zip" backbore round out this model. It's a great lead mouthpiece for people who tend to "bottom out" on small cups.
  • TA-Screech: A new take on a classic piece... this is a very small, high compression mouthpiece that is surprisingly easy to play. 30 throat and "zip" backbore produces one of the most efficient lead mouthpieces I've ever played! 
  • TA-Z: The TA-Z (or "Zing") might be one of the most comfortable commercial mouthpieces I've designed that can still maintain a beautiful sound from Pedal C to Double C and above. It features a .625 diameter with a medium flat rim and shallow hybrid V/S cup.

"A quick review of the TA2: wow. Now for a more complete review. I really enjoyed it on my gig last night. It was so comfortable and easy to play. I also had to back off my mic a little bit. So much core and center to the sound that it just flew out the bell. It works so well with my [Bach Stradivarius] 43 it's ridiculous. Lots of brilliance to the sound without becoming harsh, especially in the middle and lower registers. It sounds cliche, but as someone who plays mostly bigger pieces for everything else, I've found my perfect lead/commercial piece! Thanks Trent!" -Rob


Here is a list of our backbores in order of tightest to most open:

  • KA3: our newest commercial backbore and it is amazing! Feels almost like the throat is one size smaller due to the compression.
  • KA2: a very nice backbore with good zing.
  • KA1: more core than the A2 and a bit tighter as well.
  • A2: The A2 is a weapon! Designed to be mated with extreme compression mouthpieces, this might be the ultimate commercial backbore I've played. It works great above high C and mates with 27 and 28 tops extremely well!
  • T (Tight): commercial backbore which provides the most resistance and "zing" to your sound.
  • MT (Medium Tight): Provides great resistance, especially for players who tend to "back-up" with very tight commercial backbores.
  • S (Standard): Provides the best balance between resistance and sound spread for most players. 
  • MO (Medium Open): A great slightly open symphonic shape produces a rich, warm tone but still gives ample resistance when needed.  
  • A1: This backbore is a very large, symphonic backbore that is in between the MO and O but feels like it combines both feel and sound shapes from the two other shapes. It's  a wonderful backbore suited for the classical player or jazz soloist wishing for a large sound!
  • O (Open): This is a very large, open backbore designed for the orchestral musician to provide the feel and sound spread that most orchestral players prefer.
  • OO (Very Open): Huge backbore for enormous, rich sound (takes a lot of air).

Specialized backbores:

We also have some specialized backbores that are different than the "standard" line:

  • AOS: Designed for C trumpet players looking for a large and warm sound, it's open and free-blowing. It provides a feel and sound spread that is perfect for orchestral playing and for chamber music.
  • AK: Another specialized C trumpet design, our AK backbore is a very large, symphonic backbore that is based on some of the best of Tottle designs. Used by orchestral players for decades (and very popular at one time in the BSO) the AK is an open backbore with a huge sound! 
  • VNT: a vintage trumpet shank backbore specially designed to work with pre-1930's classic trumpet shanks (King liberties, Holton Revelation, Martin Handcrafts, etc), available here.


Have a question about our mouthpiece offerings? Give us a call on the Mouthpiece Hotline (781) 816-9664 or email us!



The following audio samples are raw with no added effects and totally live. Getting the shop up and running has taken a bit out of my efficiency. I literally went from one piece to the next with no breaks (not ideal when you go from a huge orchestral piece to an efficient lead piece in less than a minute). The differences are more noticeable in these audio clips:


For custom orders use the "contact"  tab above! 

We do a lot of custom work for clients. With our wide range of rims, cups, and backbores we can customize a great mouthpiece for your individual needs.

You can also call the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to place an order (781) 816-9664 or email us!

Scroll down for the reviews!




If you have additional questions, please send us an email! 

Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of the item.

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  • 5
    ACB 10CV trumpet mouthpiece

    Posted by Spence Cutting on 9th Feb 2023

    Great mouthpiece. A little bit shallower than what I was looking for. Wondering if you have one that is equivalent to a Bach 1 and 1/2 C ? Very nice product! I will recommend you to my trumpet playing friends.

  • 5
    3cv trumpet mouthpiece in a vintage blank

    Posted by Roger LaRocque on 26th Jan 2023

    It has a wonderful tone, rich and dark. It was very easy to get used to and the rim is very comfortable. I had no trouble getting used to it since I was using a 3c Bach mouthpiece but since it’s based on the my Vernon Bach it’s closer to a modern 2c Bach. The blank looks great in my horns too. Thank you.

  • 5
    New Mouthpiece

    Posted by Jeff Zugaj on 16th Jan 2023

    The new Lead mouthpiece that Jason suggested is awesome. It has made it so much easier to reach the upper register. I am still getting used to it so I am still experimenting, but I really enjoy it.

  • 5

    Posted by Bill Bjornes Jr on 21st Sep 2022

    Bought a 3DS to use with my Scherzer piccolo trumpet. Great suggestion by Josh. Love the way it plays.

  • 5

    Posted by Nic Weaver on 11th Sep 2022

    A great all around mouthpiece for any gig!

  • 5
    MV 1.5 Pops

    Posted by Arthur Solomon on 26th Aug 2022

    I'm loving my new MV 1.5 Pops! I had been playing a Bob Reeves 43M with my Yamaha Z trumpet and this was recommended when I was looking for something similar but with a slightly shallower cup.

  • 5
    ACB 3CS Standard Blank

    Posted by Mark Garety on 18th Apr 2022

    I primarily play lead trumpet in a big band, but I was asked to play a wedding gig by another member of the big band for his daughter. I am so used to playing a lead mouthpiece that I was struggling getting my generic 3C mouthpiece to speak and respond as quickly as I wanted. I had to work a lot harder and had a fuzziness in the sound that I did not want. Not wanting to play a nice wedding gig with a high compression lead mouthpiece, I picked the 3CS as a way for me to get a more conventional sound but still have a responsive and comfortable mouthpiece. I just received my new 3CS today in the standard blank and immediately was impressed with the responsiveness and feel of the mouthpiece. The responsiveness is immediate when starting a note, and I don't have any fuzziness in my sound. The tone is clear and centered. I'm also able to pull my leadpipe in quite a bit because the intonation is better than my lead mouthpiece. Based on initial impressions, I think this mouthpiece is a winner and fits exactly what I was looking for.

  • 4
    ACB MV3C Trumpet Mouthpiece

    Posted by Ray Ritchie on 18th Apr 2022

    I ordered the ACB MV3C mouthpiece in a modern blank with gold plate, to match gold trim on a new trumpet. It's a lovely piece, and I've found it to be a very comfortable general-purpose mouthpiece for my purposes. I'm a comeback player, about 14 months in, and am still trying to settle into the exact size I need (I'm a former symphonic 1X player) for this point in my career, and am also working on an embouchure change, so things are still fluid for me, but I'd certainly recommend this piece as a top possibility for anyone looking to move into the 3C to 6 range. Strong low end, clear upper register, good flexibility and clean articulation, and better upper register intonation than most of my Bach-style pieces.

  • 5
    I love this MV3C

    Posted by Roy Halee on 11th Apr 2022

    I had it gold plated and ACB did a fabulous job