Austin Custom Brass Vintage Trumpet Backbore

Austin Custom Brass
$80.00 $70.00 (You save $10.00)
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Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 4.00 (in)
Width 4.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
Shipping $5.00

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now in stock... the ACB  VNT  Vintage trumpet shank Backbores specially designed to work with pre 1930's classic trumpet shanks (King liberties,  Holton Revelation,  Martin Handcrafts, etc).   Will accept any standard "Warburton"  threaded top (like my ACBs,  Wedge,  Warburton,  Kanstul,  Pickett,  Greg Black, etc).   


Right now only one size is available... a fairly straight tapered semi-open custom backbore.


The "Vintage" shank is on the Right, ACB Standard on Left.

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Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App