Ultimate dream Setup horn: 10-Belled super custom Adams Trumpet

628 TA-C Adams Setup Horn
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Have you ever dreamed of having a horn that was able to color any sound color and shape?  Bright and piercing to almost flugelhorn  this dream Adams  "Setup horn" is IT!




The body of the horn is a ML  bore Adams  A4LT body with a Bob Reeves Valve alignment,  Saturn waterkey, and Adjustable gap Receiver. 



This horn also has custom Mokume Gane finger buttons from Ewan Divitt (as well as the originals). 


 Want to hear this horn  with ALL the bells?  This video really shows off the incredible versatility of this instrument!


Have you ever wanted to try an A1 bell but didn't know how that might compare to something broader and richer like an A4 Bell in red brass?


Or maybe something next to one of the more commercial options like the A5, A6, or A10 bells from Adams Brass?

Well... We wondered that as well so we decided to buy 7 additional bells for my 3-Belled custom A4LT project to make ACB the ultimate "Build-Your-Own" custom Reserve option What bells are included in this horn?


Here they are below:

Please note all bells are 5 inch diameter unless stated otherwise.

The gauge thickness is a metric equivalent btw:


A1 (v2) Selected bell .50 thickness yellow brass bell in Satin Gold lacquer

A2 Selected bell .50 thickness yellow brass bell in antique lacquer

A2 (old style we call KH) 5 1/2 inch diameter .50 gold brass bell (same Bell the amazing Keyon Harrold uses) raw brass

A3 Selected bell .60 thickness yellow brass bell in clear lacquer

A4 5.5 inch .45 thickness red brass in satin lacquer

A4 5.5 inch .55 thickness Sheet Sterling silver bell in satin lacquer  (this bell alone would cost you approximately $1400) 

A5 Selected .45 thickness yellow brass bell in Gold lacquer

A6 Selected .45 thickness yellow brass bell in clear lacquer

A9 Selected .50 thickness yellow brass bell in copper lacquer

A10 Selected .50 thickness yellow brass bell in silver plate


Add it all up and you're talking about a 13,000 USD  instrument and an incredibly long wait from the factory currently. 


This horn is not available to be shipped due the nature of this  fragility with all the bells.   We will pick anyone up from MCI  airport  if folks want to try this. If 

Sold with no case or mouthpiece (we figure you'll want to show off this horn in style with all the bells and not put in a case ;-)


Absolutely no returns.   No discount codes can be applied.


This is one of a kind superhorn that honestly if it doesn't sell is fine.  I love it.  I just am playing other horns at the moment  and know this horn might attract someone who wants the ultimate instrument!


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