Soulo Harmon Mute with Copper Bottom!

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SM Harmon 8525 copper bottom
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  • Soulo Harmon Mute with Copper Bottom!
  • Soulo Harmon Mute with Copper Bottom!
"The Soulo harmon is phenomenal, great sound, definitely capable of achieving a small group "Miles-esque" sound, and doesn't take much work to cut in an ensemble... For the price, this mute is a must!" -Jeff Hedberg


We are delighted to be a dealer of the Soulo Harmon mute! Be sure to check out the Soulo harmon in our harmon showdown video below. This is an awesome mute and a customer favorite. It's a must-have for every trumpeter's mute collection!


From the manufacturer:

The NEW Copper Bottom Trumpet Harmon-Style Mute, by Soulo is the newest invention in the Wah-Wah mute world. It combines the traditional Harmon buzzy mute sound with a ground-breaking aerodynamic shape, which improves the typical issues, associated with metal “Harmon” mutes and offers perfect pitch and a free-blowing experience.

Its patent pending shape allows the air to naturally flow inside of the mute, undisturbed by a crimp or any other barrier.  Included is our custom sized Polycarbonate stem to allow you to achieve the “wah-wah” effect.  

In order to achieve the a dark, yet free-blowing mute, Soulo Mute uses the highest quality Aluminum and Copper. Although Copper “Harmon” Mutes are known for their heavier weight, the Soulo Harmon-Style Mute is very lightweight, due to its craftsmanship. Additionally, it will never fall out of the bell, because of its unique neoprene composite, which “locks” the mute inside the bell. The Soulo Harmon-Style Mute was Designed by Michael and Elena Jarosz in NJ, USA. No matter where you buy our trumpet harmon mute, you are guaranteed the best quality and customer service.


  • Our PATENTED Crimp-less Connection™, which allows for a perfect pitch!
  • Will not fall out! No more breathing inside the bell!
  • Free-blowing, no air disturbance, aerodynamic design!
  • The highest quality COPPER and ALUMINUM, delivering a buzzy wah-wah sound!
  • Lightweight and super easy on the chops!


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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Mute for a Soloist

    Posted by Tony C. on 14th Dec 2022

    This particular harmon shines in a small group context, preferably on a mic. You'll have to work a bit harder to cut in a big band section (due to its strong low end resonance). I've retained my Jo-Ral bubble for this purpose. Overall, a great sounding mute.

  • 5

    Posted by Trend Management on 5th Jul 2021

    I like that it doesn’t have cork

  • 4
    Soulo Harmon Mute

    Posted by Rick Roenne on 1st Jan 2021

    A very nice mute. It evens fits in the bell of the "Andalucia" Power Bell Bb Bugle. But in the same breath I have to add, barely. I called Josh on this and he did say that a hobby store would sell foam rubber in sheets and I could cut out a section to make a better seal for this trumpet. I'll try that, in the mean time, I do like the sound and the free blowing effect the mute offers, definitely a louder sounding mute for jazz band. The two tone effect of aluminum and copper is really cool.

  • 5
    Soulo Harmon mute

    Posted by Burrill Crohn on 15th Dec 2019

    It came almost immediately. Looks beautiful and not only plays with a zing but sings as well (and this from an only mediocre player). Only drawbacks I can fund is that it too often drops out of the bell of my New York Bach, and is a little mushy in the extreme lower register (G, F#) though that could be as much me as the mute. Upper register (High C, etc, no problem).

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    Soulo Harmon

    Posted by Jeff Hedberg on 17th Feb 2019

    Incredible! Was previously using a Bobby Shew harmon, which sounds great on a mic, but a bit of work to cut in a big, and heavy because it is all copper. The Soulo harmon is phenomenal, great sound, definitely capable of achieving a small group "Miles-esque" sound, and doesn't take much work to cut in an ensemble. Intonation is superb. Playing down to F# is effortless, upper register is not stuffy, in fact the blow of the horn feels relatively unchanged. On top of all of that it is lightweight, and the material used to keep the mute in the bell is much more secure than traditional cork. The combination of copper and aluminum is perfect. It retains the color that many of us are after, allows for the mute to be versatile, not just solo work, all while not weighing you down. For the price, this mute is a must!

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