Best Brass Warm-up Nano Practice Accessory

Best Brass
$34.99 $26.95 (You save $8.04)
Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 3.00 (in)
Width 3.00 (in)
Depth 3.00 (in)
Shipping $2.00

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Astoundingly small new SOUND TRANSFORMER. How does it work???

Insert it in any Wah-Wah mute.

Transforms Wah-Wah into a practice mute.

Just insert "Warm-up nano" into your harmon (email us to confirm it will fit) and it reduces volume output to a whisper while maintaining the full tonal characteristics of your favorite mute.

The pitch, intonation, how it speaks, etc. All of which are kept as it is, so you can always practice with a familiar feel.
(Quietness depends on the mute you use but average noise reduction is about 30DB)


Place on any* mouthpiece!

( * Trumpets, Cornets, Flugelhorns )

As a Buzzing device.

Put your mouthpiece in Warm-up nano, and you can do a buzzing practice. Internal design of nano is acoustically well considered, and it generates appropriate resistances. As a result, your lips will get much more natural vibration.

With the accompanying strap-holder, it can hang on any bags or instrument cases. Now when you hit the road you can warm up anywhere, at any time!
(Notice: It does NOT mute the buzz sound.)

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Best Brass Nano
Written by Greg on 10th Sep 2019

Very cool for warmup or for quiet practice. I have it packed with my pocket trumpet and a harmon mute for hotel practice.

Nano practice accessory
Written by Anthony Sizemore on 6th Aug 2019

Works great on my harmon mute. Love the resistance it gives me when I use with my mouthpiece. Great warm up tool , highly recommended.

Best Brass Nano
Written by Patrick Gefre on 23rd Mar 2019

Love it ! Great solution to the practice mute issue. Showed some friends and they ended up getting one too.

Absolutely love it!
Written by Andre Park on 15th Jun 2018

This tiny mute is amazing. Goes into my Harmon and serves as an excellent practice mute while keeping the intonation and sound of my Harmon. When I'm not in need of a practice mute, I can stick my mouthpiece in and use it as a buzzing tube as well. Fits in my mouthpiece case. Highly recommend!