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AR Resonance
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We are so excited to be a dealer for Antonio's incredible pieces! 


AR Resonance mouthpieces are an exciting addition the Austin Custom Brass low-brass offering! The craftmanship is outstanding and that is reflected in how these perform. Members of our ACB Low Brass Team have been using AR Resonance for years and rave about them! Now you can find out for yourself how remarkable they are. 

This is what AR Resonance says about their pieces:

"World renown intonation and consistency of sound throughout the entire range of the instrument.

We don't like extremes with out cups and rims, we prefer offering "middle of the road" sizes adjusting the feel with a proper backbore and changing the curve going from the cup to the throat. Most of the mouthpieces we have analyzed employ a V shaped transition to the cup that offers no tone enhancements while making articulation and attacks a lot sloppier. We don't like that, we want your life to be easier so we designed an edgier transition to the throat. This makes articulation a lot easier and notes pop more.

Try them and you will understand why few weeks after we announced our trombone line principal players from major orchestras, L.A. studio legends, world renown jazz soloist switched to Resonance immediately!"

Trombone Standard Cup 6.0mm or 6.5mm throat

  • How to read: Diameter then size (Example - 24.8 6.0 = 24.80mm diameter with 6.0mm throat)
  • all cup sizes available as either 6.0mm or 6.5mm throat, though some sizes may currently be special order
  • these are most commonly used for small shank trombones, but can be paired with a large shank backbore
  • be sure to match your top to the appropriate backbore throat
  • Available sizes - don't see the size you want in stock? call us 816-410-0826 (delivery time is usually 2-4 weeks): 







  Trombone Symphonic Mouthpiece 7.2mm throat

  • designed to be paired with medium to large bore trombones 
  • Size is indicated by letter(s)
  • different rim and cup design than Standard Cup
  • Pair these with a "GR" 72 backbore, large shank only
  • Not all sizes currently listed as in stock but all sizes are available - don't see what you want? Call us 816-410-0826

               XL = 27.20mm

              VL = 26.80mm

               L = 26.40mm

             ML = 26.00mm

              M =25.60mm

            MS = 25.20mm

              S = 24.80mm

Bass Trombone Mouthpiece 8.0mm throat and Deep U Shaped Cup

  • Size is indicated by letter(s)
  • Pair with "GR" 80 backbore
  • Not all sizes currently listed as in stock but all sizes are available - don't see what you want? Call us 816-410-0826

           BVL = 28.80mm

             BL = 28.40mm

            BM = 28.00mm

            BS = 27.60mm


Euphonium and Baritone Mouthpiece 7.2mm throat 

  • Size is indicated by letter(s)
  • Not all sizes currently listed as in stock but all sizes are available - don't see what you want? Call us 816-410-0826

​               S =25.40mm

             MS = 25.70mm

               M = 26.00mm (comparable to Denis Wick SM3 diameter)

              ML = 26.30mm

                L = 26.60mm

              VL = 27.00mm

Throat diameter is 7.2mm throat on all models, slightly smaller than the typical Denis Wick 7.4mm. This is meant to make articulation and high notes easier to achieve.


Tuba Mouthpiece 8.0mm or 8.4mm throat

  • The shallowest is called H, somewhat similar to what the Helleberg is, the entrance to the throat is sharper, to increase the quality of articulation and the rim is more comfortable. This cup is has a 8.0mm throat.
  • The Deep C cup is much deeper, C shaped and offers a more teutonic and full sound, throat is 8.4mm.
  • The Deep U cup is not for the faint of heart, very deep and U shaped, for the biggest and broadest sound possible. It is a 8.4mm throat (this is a special order item at this time, please contact us to order and allow 2-4 weeks for delivery)
  • don't see what you want? Call us 816-410-0826

Tuba, Artist Model Alan Kaplan: 33.00mm Deep 84 is one we are currently stocking (at this time a standard cup is available as special order, please contact us directly at 816-410-0826 to order and allow 2-4 weeks delivery). Both used for his work in the Hollywood music scene.

 Pair your top with an AR Resonance backbore  AR Resonance Low Brass Backbores

Special orders are available. Contact us directly for pricing and to order. 816-410-0826. 


If you have additional questions, please send us an email!  

Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

AR Resonance tops and backbores are subject to a $25 per piece restocking fee to cover the inspection, sanitization, and re-conditioning the pieces.

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of the items.