Schagerl "Mnozil Brass" Model Tenor Trombone with F Attachment

TBN Schagerl Mnozil Brass GB F Attachment
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 A remarkable instrument for the price! Perfect for upgrading from student trombones or for comeback players. 

A new trombone from the Schagerl Academica Series makes its appearance: the “Mnozil Brass” model, developed in close collaboration with the trombonists of Mnozil Brass. This is an excellent first trombone for a student ready to step away from their student model instrument or for a comeback player seeking an affordable instrument. 

The trombone is able to produce an elegant sound that fills the room. This instrument would be right at home in a school or community band, chamber ensemble, pit orchestra for musicals, or as a soloist's instrument. It is even suitable for a jazz band.

The Mnozil Brass Model trombone responds nicely - especially for an intermediate horn (much better than expected). The instrument blows evenly and has a comfortable feedback from the horn to the player which made centering notes relatively free from extraneous effort. The F-attachment rotor has a nice, comfortable throw making the shift from the "open" trombone to the f-attachment with ease. The tone of the F-attachment is very close to the open trombone, making it very easy to go between notes and notes using the rotor in a seamless fashion. In short, the trombone is an easy instrument to pick up and immediately enjoy playing. 

The Mnozil Brass Model trombone comes with a mouthpiece marked "Mnozil Brass" that is close to a Bach 6 1/2 AL. After testing the trombone out with different mouthpieces the mouthpiece that comes with it is is nice, but sounded a little bright. To get more out of the sound/color potential of this trombone we suggest upgrading to an ACB 5. This will provide you with a richer and more full sound and bring out the "sweetness" in the gold brass bell. Click HERE to check out our ACB Trombone Mouthpieces!


  • Tune: B/F
  • Bore: 13,90 mm
  • Bell: 216mm / Goldbrass
  • Inner Slides: Nickelsilver
  • Outer Slides: Nickelsilver
  • Finish: lacquered

Sold with case, care kit, and includes "Mnozil Brass" mouthpiece.

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