High Speed Valve Springs for Trumpet

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Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 5.00 (in)
Width 5.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)
Shipping $3.20
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High Speed Valve Springs for Trumpet!

Speed up the performance for your instrument! It doesn't matter how much you practice, your valve up-strokes will never get faster than your springs. Improved valve action doesn't just let you play fast passages faster, it also makes it easier to play lyrical passages more cleanly. These springs are a great upgrade for vintage horns as well, especially if you're experiencing any "bounce" in the valve action. Upgrade your springs today!


  • VS01 - for Vincent Bach Trumpets, Cornets
  • VS02 - for Schilke, Benge, Besson, King, Jupiter
  • VS03 - for Yamaha, Schilke Piccolo, German Trumpets
  • VS11 - for Bach, B+S Trumpets
  • VS12 - for Schilke, Benge, King, Besson, Jupiter, Bauerfiend
  • VS13 - for Yamaha, Schilke Piccolo


Not sure which size you need? Send us an email and we'll help you out!


Professional Cleaning

It's also possible that your horn just needs a thorough cleaning. We offer professional cleaning services through the shop, including ultrasonic and chemical options. If it's been more than a year since your horn was cleaned, it's probably time! Send us an email or give us a call at (816) 410-0826 for more information or to schedule a cleaning.



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Product Reviews

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Spring in My Step
Written by David on 13th Apr 2020

I had some valves that were misbehaving. After swapping these in the action was greatly improved without being tiring. Easy to swap and an immediate performance boost.

Brass Sound Creation high speed springs
Written by George Bellefontaine on 24th Mar 2020

I recently purchased a 1959 Selmer Paris K-mod trumpet that was is excellent condition, but the valves were too slow for my playing needs. These high speed valve springs are exactly what they claim:HIGH SPEED. Valves now wroking great.

Valve springs for Yamaha trumpet
Written by Tom Davis on 17th Jan 2020

These really brought some consistency to my facility I felt the difference right away with just the right amount of tension and return when playing technical passages Great product - I will invest in these often to maintain my instrument

HS V Springs
Written by Dave Cooper on 9th Oct 2019

These are similar to the Bach Artisan spring in shape, although the material is slightly different. Believe it or not, I feel this material adds to the resonance of the horn compared to the typical aluminum (silver colored) springs. The Artisan springs also achieve this but are very hard to find and only come in one size. I am VERY glad to have found these and would definitely buy them again.

Brass Sound Creation High Speed Valve Springs
Written by James Sedwick on 7th Sep 2019

The springs are working, the originals replaced with VSO2. They appear to be "stronger" than the originals on my Kanstul 1530 cornet.

What an asset!
Written by Robert Alberts on 10th Jun 2019

These springs have made vast improvements on my trumpets. Nothing else can be said!

1970 Bach Strad 37 feels like new!
Written by Bob Miller on 9th Jun 2019

I already left a previous review for these springs, but just want to add that I picked up yet another set for my Bach 37. I replaced the original aluminum valve stems with brass ones, and the VS02 springs balance everything out very nicely. No bounce. Original springs on this horn were shot, and OEM replacement springs just weren't cutting it. Pick up a set of these for all of your horns! I did.

Best cheap upgrade for vintage horns!
Written by Bob Miller on 4th May 2019

I purchased a set of the VS12 for my Selmer K-Mod and for my Martin Committee, and then had to get a 3rd set for my Holton Stratodyne cornet. Got rid of the bounce I was having in the valves on all 3 horns, which likely all had their original tired old springs. Made a huge difference. Highly recommended! (I ordered the VS02, and they sent me the VS12, but are actually the same thing with different package.)

Schilke Springs
Written by Rudy on 3rd Aug 2018

Excellent, and fast shipping.

Solid product
Written by TH on 15th Aug 2017

It works well with my Holton Revelation 48 trumpet. I like the quality of the product. Thanks!

Put them in all my trumpets
Written by RWD on 22nd Jun 2016

Just enough extra tension, but not hard to press. Quicker return to open. Makes a nice difference esp. when doing "Clarke drills," etc. Not for everyone, but worth a try in my book.

Energy storage and retrieval
Written by Dave on 17th Apr 2015

They seem like pretty good valve springs. I am not convinced these "High Speed" valve springs are any faster than other valve springs, but they do seem to be of high quality and have a nice "feel" to them. Good product.