Divitt Trumpet Practice Mutes - Fantastic New Product!

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  • Divitt Trumpet Practice Mutes - Fantastic New Product!
  • Divitt Trumpet Practice Mutes - Fantastic New Product!
  • Divitt Trumpet Practice Mutes - Fantastic New Product!
  • Divitt Trumpet Practice Mutes - Fantastic New Product!

"Trent,I thought you should know how much I like my new Divitt practice mute. I can work on my horn in the same room as my kids studying or my wife on a conference call and nobody is bothered. Moreover, it doesn't have the two problems every other practice mute I've ever used has - intonation problems and feeling like I'm blowing through cotton balls. Thanks for featuring it on YouTube!" 
- Derek Christenson


"I ordered one of these 3D printed Divitt mutes and it is fantastic! Beautiful quiet tone with no intonation issues or back pressure - sounds so nice you could record with it."

- Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

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All 4 color options are in stock and able to ship the same business day (if the order is placed before 3PM CST!)


Wow! These practice mutes from Divitt Trumpets are phenomenal! Very free blowing and the intonation is superb. We're so excited to be a US dealer for the Divitt practice mutes!

These practice mutes are available in a variety of colors as you can see from the photos. We have more of them in black, so that will be our default, but please let us know if you'd like a different color and we will accommodate requests as much as possible. We have a limited number in stock, but we have more on order!

If you need a practice mute that's free blowing, in tune from top to bottom, quiet, light, affordable, and stylish, then snap up one of these awesome mutes today!

Divitt Trumpets practice mutes are lovingly 3D printed in Toronto, Canada by Ewan Divitt.

About Ewan Divitt

Ewan Divitt is a trumpet player, composer, arranger, brass instrument repair technician, and entrepreneur. Ewan has performed with Michael and Randy Brecker, Bill Holman, and Dave Holland. He has studied trumpet with Scott Harrison, Brian O'Kane, and Steve Crowe. He has also studied arranging with Andy Ballantyne, and John MacLeod. Ewan is an in-demand trumpet player in Toronto, and has recorded on many albums, demos, and music videos, played live on the radio and international live television, and toured with musical acts all over Ontario and Quebec. Ewan also leads his own big band that features many of the finest up and coming players in Toronto. The band plays original compositions and arrangements by Ewan and other band members.


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26 Reviews

  • 5
    Pro Quality Mute

    Posted by Giovanni on 23rd Jun 2022

    Unlike a lot of players, I like practicing with a mute. I don't have great acoustics in my practice area, and I'm one of those people concerned about my hearing. A practice mute is a necessity -- for the sake of the other people in the house, and for my own hearing. This mute does not interfere with slotting at all, the horn slots just as well with it as without it. Intonation and back pressure are also good. It is the best sounding mute I have ever used. The only downsides to me are that it is heavier than my aluminum mute, and it is pricey. Honestly the $11 mute I bought from Amazon works just about as well as this one. But if you want the best intonation from the top to the bottom of your range then this is worth the extra $29.

  • 5
    The best practice mute ever

    Posted by Robert C. on 20th Apr 2022

    I bought a black one, and I absolutely love it. But we need one for flugelhorn also!

  • 5
    Divitt Practice Mute

    Posted by Spencer Barham on 1st Feb 2022

    Just picked up the Divitt Practice Mute from Austin Custom Brass a couple weeks ago. The customer service was excellent and the mute arrived with a hand-written card, very classy. The mute itself is free blowing with just the right amount of resistance. It’s also very light and looks super cool! I’m not endorsed by either of these companies mentioned…. just wanted to share my thoughts and say thanks for a positive experience. #austincustombrass #acbassador #acb

  • 5
    Divitt Trumpet Practice Mute

    Posted by Marcy M on 21st Jan 2022

    I absolutely hate practice mutes, but this one is a-MA-zing! Not a lot of back pressure, and I don't have to struggle to find the notes like on some other mutes. I actually don't mind using a practice mute, now. And let's face it, it's super fun being purple! :)

  • 5
    Very Impressed!

    Posted by Rusty Trubey on 11th Jan 2022

    I'm a comeback player, with a day job and a large, busy family. Finding a space to practice (usually my car) has been my routine. When I got this mute yesterday, I put it in and started playing...very soft. My previous experience with practice mutes was that it was very difficult to play soft and low. Not with this mute thankfully! Playing soft is absolutely crucial for me in building my chops again and I have to say, I'm impressed with this mute. Now I can shut my office door and play without being worried with folks wondering what's going in there! Love ACB customer service too! Thanks again!

  • 5
    Divitt Trumpet Practice Mute

    Posted by Kevin on 29th Oct 2021

    The real deal when it comes to practice mutes. LIttle back pressure, great tone quality and a very much dimnished sound. Perfect for Practice!

  • 5
    Divitt Practice Mute

    Posted by Fred Bradley on 20th Sep 2021

    If you watch Trent’s video on this it’s pretty much spot on. It’s not only a good piece for practicing but I use it on jobs as well.

  • 5
    Great intonation for a practice mute

    Posted by Rob Sack on 30th Jul 2021

    Not a lot of back pressure as compared to other practice mutes

  • 5
    Divitt Practice mute

    Posted by Bernard Kinsey on 26th May 2021

    Very good, indeed. Got it yesterday. Good harmon substitute, too. Cheers ACB. Tooling-Tibbi-Wibblers. B

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