Custom Adams F1 Flugelhorn: Build Your Own

$3,260.00 $2,945.00 (You save $315.00)
Weight 12.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Shipping $0.00

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Order your own completely custom Adams Flugelhorn! The F1 is a traditional "Couesnon"-style flugelhorn, but with the modern playability of an Adams flugelhorn.  

If you would like a brushed finish, just add that as a note in your order - every horn is handmade to the customer's requests!

Key Bb
Bore ML 0.413"
Bell 1 piece
Bell diameter 6.0", 6.3" and 6.7"
Leadpipe nr. 2 (0.402") or nr. 3 (0.413")
Valve section Brass 400 gram (standard)
Valves 3 x top center stainless steel
Finger buttons Brass, flat
Wall thickness 0.50 MM - 0.55 MM - 0.60 MM


Custom Bell Gauges:

- The thinner the gauge of the bell results in a more energized, faster response.

- The ticker the gauge of the bell will result in more stability and density to the sound


Bell Materials:

Yellow Brass

This bell is an excellent mix of materials for all round work as this material is very versatile. The sound is clear and brilliant at all dynamic levels, with a good core and great projection. This alloy is ideal for lead trumpet, commercial playing and studio work. Also a good choice for principal trumpet players in symphony orchestras or someone who is looking for good crispness to the articulated sound. 

Gold Brass

Like the yellow brass bell this is a very versatile horn - a near perfect blend of warmth and projection. The gold brass brings a depth to the sound which is very smooth, rich and dark, however it is still a lively and agile trumpet. It responds quickly and has good projection without getting as brilliant as the yellow brass bell. We find it to be suited to a host of applications: be it in the jazz soloist, the crossover artist, the classical soloist, or someone who is looking for depth to sound while still retaining projection.

Red Brass

The Red Brass bell material is an ideal choice for the soloist who is looking for the richest, warmest, thickest sound available. Higher in copper content than our other two bell choices this provides the player with the smoothest transitions from note to note. Articulations are veiled (although with a lighter Red Brass bell option it is greatly improved) and sound shape is overall a bit wider in shape. Here's a video with the red brass option (full disclosure, some reverb added to this one!):

Sterling Silver

We do offer all Custom Series Trumpet Models with a solid Sterling silver bell. Sterling silver is a very versatile material but also much more dependent on the individual’s particular ability level. Therefore we recommend this bell option for the serious amateur or professional. The general characteristics are the bell is much darker and thicker when played at soft to medium volumes. When this bell is pushed the higher overtones are much more present and the result is a wonderful sound with great “sparkle.”



Raw Brass

This is actually no finish. The raw material of the instrument is only polished.

Silver Plated

This finish will liven and energize the sound slightly.

Gold Plated

This finish will leave the sound very similar to the original raw state.

Clear Lacquer

The instrument keeps the look of the raw material.

Gold Lacquer

A gold tone is added to the clear lacquer.

Copper Lacquer

A copper tone is added to the clear lacquer.


Colored lacquer which gives the instrument a typical antique look.


Other finishes or custom engravings available on request, contact us for details. For brushed/satin finishes please add a note to your order.




Want to know what we have in stock in terms of Adams in the shop, or have any questions about a custom order? Email us at, call us at 781-944-6247 or 816-410-0826!



If you have additional questions send us an email


Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.


If you have any questions please send us an email or give us a call at (816) 410-0826! We also offer several financing options.


Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of instrument.



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Product Reviews

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Very Happy With My F1 !
Written by Kent Stuiber on 3rd Feb 2019

I've been playing my new F1 for about a month now, mostly in jazz situations, and couldn't be more pleased. First of all, the horn is spotless in terms of construction and finish. I think you can really tell a lot care went into the details when it was built. The valves have a pretty short throw and are very smooth and fast, so fast passages are a breeze. The response is great too, you can really feel the horn resonate on lower pitches. Five stars all around. The horn also comes with an excellent gig-bag, looks like a Guard bag with Adams badge on it. Very nice! Josh was great to deal with. I worked with him to sell my Puje on consignment and apply the proceeds to the purchase of the flugel. Very smooth transaction and it sold very quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the flugel and ACB !

Ease of Response
Written by Freddie on 29th Mar 2018

The effortless response and accuracy of the intonation allows the player to just play music and not be concerned with the usual physical contortion acts and deficiencies.

Sweet Pistons
Written by Dave Umstead on 28th Jul 2016

My new and surprisingly light Adams F1 is so fun to play that it has inspired me to practice more often! The horn offers a great deal of control regarding accuracy and intonation while providing a rich flugel tone. My favorite feature is that the construction (horn shape/valve design and quality) allows for very comfortable, clean and fast fingering. I have never sounded more defined on faster passages. Trent is the man!!

An incredible instrument worth every penny!
Written by Masaya Taniguchi on 6th Jan 2016

I have played this instrument for 6 months now, and my opinion for it has not changed from the moment I've picked it up. This is a truly outstanding horn that surpasses any flugelhorn I've played before including Courtois, B&S, Kanstul, Yamaha and Bach. Intonation is superb, the instrument is incredibly light and extremely easy to handle even with the large bell. With the nickel flair and the antique finish, it is a true beauty to look at as well. The valves are amazing, with its "short throw", I can play fast passages with ease. This is a horn that lets me play music with great ease. Much thanks to Adams Brass for creating such fine instrument and ACB for the flawless delivery and handling.

Adams Perfects the Flugel
Written by bill bodine on 18th Dec 2015

My F1 was ordered with a 6" bell that I would recommend for ensemble work. True flugel sound that plays very easily and projects through the fattest of trombone and reed players! Incredible workmanship, fast valves & beautiful finish! Intonation appears to be excellent, but I have limited hours on it at this point. Valve caps come on and off without the trauma I was suffering with my Yam8310z. Try to play some various bell sizes to get the one that fits your intended use. Great service from Trent and the guys.

Best Flugel made today period
Written by Andrew on 16th Jul 2015

I own one and this one was bought for a friend after he tried mine. Gold Brass/Nickel bell one .45 one is .50 and both are unbelievable instruments! As far as I'm concerned Adams makes the best flugel out there today!