Coppernicus: The All-New Austin Custom Brass by Adams Trumpet in Copper!

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"Wow!!! This is my favorite. Playing it for five days, including 1 rehehearsal and 2 concerts it excels in slotting, tone, sound and build quality, and effortless projection. The moment Miel and Trent handed me this trumpet, I knew I had to have it. Thanks Miel and Trent for making a trumpet designed especially for me, sorry Trent!!!!" -Ralph Bill
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Introducing Coppernicus, the Double Shepherd's Crook Trumpet from Austin Custom Brass!

The ACB by Adams Coppernicus is an exceptionally versatile trumpet due to its great efficiency and broad tonal spectrum. There is so much room to explore and find your own sound on this instrument. No wonder it's so popular with our customers! Check out all of the videos on this page to hear a small sample of the possibilities:

Coppernicus is completely handmade by my friends at Adams in the Netherlands. After many years of collaborating on trumpet designs we decided to take our relationship to another level with the Coppernicus. This horn is an evolution from our previous instrument, the Hornet, and it's much more versatile both in sound shape and efficiency.

We intentionally designed this trumpet to be very mouthpiece sensitive. This is one of the things that makes Coppernicus so wonderful for road gigs or small clubs (or in this case the home studio). Enter a new sonic world just by switching up your mouthpiece! Check out how the sound changes over the 6 mouthpieces in this video:

But don't just take our word for how great this trumpet is, check out some of the reviews we've gotten from our customers who love it too!

Here is a review from our customer David Ginsberg (1/31/23):

"I recently purchased a Copernicus trumpet ( made by Adams) from Austin Custom Brass. First, a little background on this decision. I have been playing trumpet for 70 years and have owned and performed professionally for 50 of those years on horns made by Bach, Selmer, Callichio, Yamaha, and most recently Marcinkiewicz. Each of these horns held their own attraction for me and most importantly I continued to grow as a trumpeter through each of these instruments. My Marcinkiewitz had been played hard for twenty years and completely been rebuilt during this time. However it began to show signs of significant wear and I began looking for a horn to replace it. 


Numerous music stores and countless instruments later I came across the Copernicus while watching a demonstration by Trent of the history and the development of the Copernicus model.I had tried the Adams A4 and didn't take to it for numerous reasons.These were main concern when considering the Copernicus. Trents live performances using the Copernicus alleviated some of these concerns and I finally decided , with Joshua's help to purchase the horn.


I have been playing the new horn to my absolute delight for the past month. The Copernicus is one of the most beautiful instruments I have ever played. It is amazingly light in weight, open blowing and expertly engineered. The range of sound is huge and stretches from warm  and dark to bright without being harsh or blaring. Even with the enormous bell flair and 5 1/2 inch bell the compression is similar to a standard medium large horn in other brands. The upper register speaks easily and in tune. I want to thank Trent and Adams for bringing this horn to reality. And I want to thank Joshua for listening to my description of my needs and pointing me in the right direction."


Here is a review from our customer Richard Harris (3/27/19):

"The Coppernicus arrived today and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I had previously owned an [Adams] A4, and although the horns look similar, there is no comparison in the way they play and respond. The Coppernicus is better in every way that the A4... the sound in every register of the instrument is better, and with the double shepherd's crooks, the horn can really take on a gorgeous, rich, robust tone that I believe to be superior in every way to the A4, which was itself a very good horn. Please pass on a string of superlatives to Trent and to Miel Adams for having designed and built ONE HELL OF A FINE HORN!!! I am going to flat out LOVE this fine instrument!" 

Hear how the Coppernicus compares with some other high-end instruments:

Here are some basic specs on the horn:

  • Copper plated finish with clear lacquer
  • Poly bore setup to maximize efficiency and volume palette (overall feel is similar to a medium large horn)
  • 5.5 inch bell with extra large flare
  • Amado water keys
  • Double Shepherd's crook design
  • All-new valve block design
  • New leadpipe design
  • Recessed caps
  • Lightweight (lighter than a stock Bach Trumpet) and extremely well balanced in the hand
  • Completely handmade at the Adams factory (including valve block and copper plating)
  • Comes with the great Adams Gard single bag!
  • Mouthpiece not included (click here to see our Standard Series mouthpieces!)

Here's a review from our customer Steve on 1/2/19:

"The Coppernicus caught my eye because I love the look of copper. Knowing it was offered by ACB and made by Adams was the clincher. ACB has been my go-to for anything trumpet for a few years now and will be forever. I played the Coppernicus as soon as it arrived (which was very quick even though it was a week before Christmas) and totally love it!!! I’ve been playing for 57 years and other than the picc I got from ACB, the Coppernicus is my first non hand-me-down horn. Great horn from great people!!!" 


Due to the collaborative development process and proprietary construction, Coppernicus is available exclusively from ACB. We try to keep a couple in stock at all times to keep wait time to a minimum after you order. Email us at for more details and delivery schedules!

If you have additional questions send us an email

Prior to ordering please check our Shipping and Returns policy.

Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of instrument.

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  • 5
    Copernicus B flat trumpet

    Posted by Jeff Hills on 19th Feb 2024

    This has been a great purchase. I was looking for a horn that blended with section work . Also less effort when playing in the upper register. I’m also amazed how “ Smoky” it can be . This horn meets or exceeds all my needs as a trumpet player. Thank you Trent for the excellent customer service!

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff Hills on 29th Oct 2022

    Have owned this beautiful horn for about a year and it still amazes me how versatile and easy to play. It blends well with the section and can zing when you want to. I played a Schilke X3 before and it plays as big yet soft and smoky as a Clifford Brown solo . Love it ❤️

  • 5
    Fun to Play!

    Posted by Gary J Greenfelder on 20th Aug 2021

    This is a great solo ballad horn with a velvety smoky sound. I play my regular mouthpiece on this horn and it is still so mellow. With other horns I have darkened my sound by using a deeper cup mouthpiece. This play fine with my (medium) cup mouthpiece. Band and audience feedback is... they LOVE the new sound! 100% positive feedback on this horn so far! I can't stop playing it!

  • 5
    Big sound!

    Posted by Robert Turchick on 16th Jan 2021

    I was lucky to find one on the used market. At the time I was looking for something completely different from my Bach 37. From Trent’s videos and talking at length with the previous owner I pulled the trigger! I couldnt be happier with this horn. It is so easy to play with crazy fast valves and easy blow. But this is all about the sound. It is thick and warm with my standard mouthpiece and with ACB’s “magic” deep V mouthpiece turns into a flugelhorn! The last season our community band met I used this horn. I noticed the director (a fantastic trumpeter) glancing at me when I pushed more air in loud passages. This horn projects!! Not bad to back down and blend in... easy on the chops! From recording several things with all my horns, this is the biggest, warmest sounding horn I own or have ever played. Do I have to mention the color?

  • 5

    Posted by Jason on 23rd Nov 2020

    Love the Coppernicus. Great sound. Beautiful instrument. Well crafted.

  • 5

    Posted by Ralph Bill on 15th Aug 2017

    Wow!!! This is my favorite. Playing it for five days, including 1 rehehearsal and 2 concerts it excels in slotting, tone, sound and build quality, and effortless projection. The moment Miel and Trent handed me this trumpet, I knew I had to have it. Thankks Miel and Trent for making a trumpet designed especially for me, sorry Trent!!!!