Barkley Infinity Studio Ribbon Microphone - Incredible Mic for Trumpet!

Barkley Infinity Studio Ribbon Microphone
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I absolutely LOVE this microphone! I had one from the first generation, and this second generation version is even better. It has more gain, and it's incredibly clean. Michael Barkley is a trumpeter himself, so he knows what we're looking for in a microphone. This is a world-class trumpet studio mic and an excellent value for the money! Check out my friend David "Cookie" Koch comparing the first and second generations of the Barkley Infinity ribbon microphone:


BTW  check out David's awesome website HERE!

Barkley says:

"This is a characterful ribbon microphone with a nod to the classic sound of the golden era of recording. These are warm and detailed microphones suited to many studio applications and instruments. In general, ribbon microphones respond far better to EQ than others as they are much more resistant to phase change. Therefore, you can take a characterful, somewhat vintage sounding microphone and make it sound very modern and crisp using EQ. This makes this microphone a Swiss Army Knife."

Technical details

  • Ribbon microphone: figure-8 pickup pattern.
  • 1,8u 99.9% Aluminium foil ribbon element with LIFETIME warranty/replacement.
  • Neodymium motor assembly.
  • Custom built OEP transformer featuring a very low noise floor and a healthy output (10db greater than the Infinity Gen 1)
  • Proprietary 2 layer (coarse stainless steel outer, woven stainless silk inner) designed for acoustic transparency.

Here's a quick video to show you how great this mic sounds with just a touch of reverb added:

No coupons will be accepted for these microphones. Each microphone is individually handcrafted with a 1-3 month lead time, plus shipping from Barkley's workshop in Ireland (including customs).


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    Best all-around trumpet mic in existence

    Posted by Stefan on 15th Jul 2022

    I've been playing trumpet for 27 years and doing studio work as an engineer for 20. I've used everything out there both as a player and engineer, from Coles, Royer, RCA, AEA, Neumann, Beyerdynamic, etc. This mic is the real deal. If you play and record yourself, or if you record brass regularly as an engineer, then this is the mic you want. Half the price of anything competitive, and honestly better than anything I've ever heard at reproducing the way a trumpet sounds in a room.