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All New KA Series Commercial Backbores

$105.00 $75.00 Sale
  Here are some very rough descriptions of the backbores:   As you can see the KA2 opens up much more quickly after the throat.   The KA1 opens up ok, but stays tight through almost to the end.   The KA3 opens up like KA1,...
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ACB  Standard Backbore
ACB Heavy Backbore
ACB Standard Cornet Backbore

Austin Custom Brass Trumpet Backbores

$95.00 $78.00 Sale
Austin Custom Brass Backbores   ACB backbores are now in stock! All ACB tops and Backbores utilize the now universally accepted "Warburton" threads, making them compatible with almost every other maker's modular components!   I've been...
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