All Clear Polycarbonate FAXX 3C Mouthpiece: Perfect for Marching!

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Faxx Trumpet Mouthpieces
The Faxx mouthpieces were developed as facsimiles of the more common designs at more economical prices. Only the most popular sizes have been reproduced to guarantee the lowest prices possible for these quality trumpet mouthpieces.

These polycarbonate mouthpieces are wonderful for marching season!





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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Polycarb Comfort

    i bought this piece mainly to figure out if a non metallic mouthpiece would work for me. It is not a matter of allergies or playing in the cold outdoors, I just wanted to find a more comfortable mouthpiece. This piece is super easy on the chops and the sound is far superior to the cast plastic pieces found on Amazon. And yes, I know polycarbonate is a kind of plastic, but you know what I mean. Sound-wise, it's not going to allow you a full tonal range, but it's polycarbonate, not titanium. I call it great for practice, great for lower temps, great for outdoor year-around playing. I invested in an ebonite mouthpiece after buying this and I am very happy with that as well. However, the ebonite was $100 and this polycarb was $15.....

  • 4
    Good for the price

    The mouthpiece is a good product for the price point. I feel it could have been bored a little wider at the throat as I feel resistance when trying to use it. It’s good for practicing and I recommend it, but it fell a short of a 5 star rating. Feels durable and lightweight.

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    Plastic mouthpiece

    This is a decent 'piece. Accurately-cut 3-C and a decent blow. I bought it after suffering cold-weather chop-itis in one too many parades. Played in a nighttime Mardi Gras parade last night; it didn't get too cold so I stuck with my Monette 'piece but I was glad to have the backup in my pocket.

  • 5
    Very Good Mouthpiece

    I have a Tromba C trumpet and the Faxx 3C is a perfect match. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase again.

  • 5
    Great for All-Around Use

    Great mouthpiece for the price. Suitable for a variety of uses. Would be a perfect fit for Tromba (Allora) & pTrumpets

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