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"Hello Josh - Just got to finally spend some time with my new cornet and I love it, it's awesome!!! Different mouthpieces make a really big difference in the tone, more than a trumpet in my opinion. Excellent cornet and a great price, I am very happy! ACB has everything I need: your customer service is fantastic and I am glad I found you guys! Thank you for another awesome deal, my expectations are always exceded when I deal with ACB!" - Mike Braun
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Austin Custom Brass  "Doubler's Series"  Cornet


We're excited to offer this great entry level cornet in our ever-popular ACB Doubler's line of instruments! This cornet has a yellow brass bell (4.685 inches) and a .459 bore. The slightly smaller bell and bore make these horns easy to switch to from your trumpet or flugel work. All ACB Doubler's horns come with our Precision Valve Alignment and are play-tested before shipping. This is the best value cornet you can find!  The horn comes with a nice Pro-Tec style gig bag and a stock mouthpiece.

The ACB Doubler's Cornet is a great way to expand your musicianship and get into cornet playing at a reasonable price!


Here is a video of the ACB Doubler's Cornet!

(if you'd like to upgrade your mouthpiece, click here!)


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    5 Star Cornet!

    Posted by Michael Bishop on 26th Jun 2024

    Talk about a superb Corne! Wow--right out of the box, I was amazed how easy it is to play and how responsive it is! If you're looking for a quality Cornet and you're on a budget--then this Cornet is definately for you. Can't say enough about the quality of service you find at Austin Custom Brass :)

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    ACB Model Doubler's Cornet

    Posted by Mike Randazzo on 28th Jan 2024

    This is the first cornet I've played so I've relied some other players' input. The biggest positive feedback has been the sound and valve action. For me, it's taken a bit to get used to playing on it but it is getting there and overall I'm very satisfied (first performance coming in March). Cosmetically I got the clear lacquer and I can see some blemishing especially around the joints. The biggest annoyance is the main water valve which barely opens. I tend to play on the sharp side and on this cornet I have the tuning slide all the way in to be in tune with my tuner app. I would recommend this product based on its value combining price, sound, and playability.

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    A Very Good Doubler's Horn

    Posted by Gary Badger on 3rd Dec 2022

    I bought the ACB Doubler's Cornet following recommendations made within the "Cornets, Corneters, Corneting" Facebook Group, by a friend who owns an ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn, and as a follower of Trent's YouTube videos. I'm a trumpet player who frequently plays flugelhorn in big band, musical theater, and home studio settings. Occasionally I sit in with a brass band and I was seeking a quality cornet at an investment appropriate for occasional "doubling", with an easy transition back and forth with my ML-bore trumpet. My Doubler's Cornet arrived a few weeks ago. I played it extensively at home before making its brass band debut at a performance last night. The horn responds readily and blends nicely with the rest of the cornet section, where many play L-bore Yamaha Neo cornets with large, deep mouthpieces. Intonation is consistent throughout my range on the horn. The valve action is very good, the slides move freely, and the clear lacquer finish looks beautiful. The mouthpiece receiver takes cornet mouthpieces with a long American-style shank (i.e. Schilke) or a short British-style shank (i.e. Denis Wick), being sure to adjust the tuning slide accordingly. The water keys work fine, although I found it more effective to remove the mouthpiece and rotate the horn to quickly empty it. During the performance, I felt an increased need to support my air compared to playing trumpet, which I put down to the conical bore of the cornet and a large mouthpiece (including a wide throat). I've noticed this previously on an L-bore cornet that I borrowed, and expect that I'll solve this through more cornet familiarity as well as finding the right mouthpiece for me. Two minor issues out of the box:  1. The 3rd valve slide stop-screw was bent. 2. Removing the 2nd valve slide reveals a small flat spot on the inner pipe (i.e. not perfectly round). These are very minor issues not affecting play, which ACB readily agreed to address.  The case is extremely light and suitable as a gig bag if treated as hand luggage. The horn is well protected inside, but its fabric-covered foam construction means that it won't take the weight of any heavy objects placed on top. Service from Josh at ACB was outstanding. We discussed the Doubler's Cornet and also mouthpiece needs over a Zoom call, where he was extremely helpful and able to answer all of my questions. Before deciding to buy this horn I was seriously considering an ML-bore Yamaha intermediate model cornet, which I was confident would be a quality instrument but a significant investment for a doubler's horn for only occasional use. I think the ACB Doubler's Cornet has ended up being the smart choice, reflecting a quality horn at an appropriate price. The ACB specifications and in-house adjustments clearly differentiate the Doubler's Cornet from other mass-produced Chinese instruments found online. I'd have no hesitation in buying a horn like this in the future. With my cornet needs solved, my safari continues to find an appropriate mouthpiece to make the transition easier from my small/shallow lead trumpet mouthpiece to something deeper and more appropriate for brass band playing. Josh tells me that ACB can cater to that need too.

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    acb doublers cornet

    Posted by John m. Xavier on 23rd May 2022

    This is a great little horn. It has a wonderful tone. The mouthpiece it comes with actualy works great with it. I tried a fewother brand name cornet mouthpeices and the one include gives it the best tone. I've noticed for the last ten years that cornets or trumpets made in china have been getting really good. They just need someone to tweak them, which the companies don't do, but acb does. Anyway, total happy with this horn and you can't beat the price for value.

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    ACB Doubler Cornet

    Posted by Benjamin Winslett on 17th Sep 2021

    As a trumpet player of nearly 30 years, buying a cornet has been on my back burner for the past few years so I could sit in with a local brass band. A friend sent me a link to a "demo deal" ACB Doubler Cornet, knowing that I already have the Doubler flugel and love playing it (this friend sits beside me and has heard the flugel many, many times at gigs). I knew this was the cornet I'd been looking for, and ordered it. It arrived in a very study, compact case with handles and shoulder straps. It's a good size, not too bulky. The cornet was encased in an ACB blue satin bag. Also enclosed was an unstamped mouthpiece around a 3C in size. Then the cornet, which despite being a demo model was like new. A beautiful, yellow brass cornet with lacquer finish. I've played the horn several days a week, 1 to 3 hours a day, since it arrived. The slides move very quickly, the valves are fast, and the horn slots very well. The tone is warm and round. I actually enjoy working from Arban more on this cornet than I do on my trumpet (a Yamaha "Schilke clone")! Honestly, this is a perfect solution for any trumpet playing wanting a cornet OR a parent or director looking for an inexpensive solution for a student. After getting well acquainted with the change from trumpet to cornet, I'm now shopping for mouthpieces, one for concert band and another for brass band settings.

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    Doubler's Cornet

    Posted by R. Clements on 31st Aug 2021

    The Doubler's Cornet has a nice tone and good intonation for a conical bore instrument, especially at this price point. The enclosed mouthpiece has a medium depth cup, which gave it more of a trumpet sound than I wanted, so I purchased a deep cup cornet mouthpiece, which gave it the desired warmth and fullness. I initially found the valves to be smooth, but a little slow, so I washed the valves and valve block, oiled the valves and they work great now. I play trumpet and flugelhorn at church, and will be adding the cornet to the mix. I ordered the satin lacquer finish, in part because it is different than any of my other instruments, and I really like it! I also like the gig bag it came with. It suits my needs perfectly and has 'Austin Custom Brass' neatly embroidered on it, which adds to its appearance. I am well pleased with my purchase, and with the professional service I received, and will be doing business with ACB again.

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    Delighted with this horn!

    Posted by Eric Carter on 27th Mar 2021

    I’ve been playing a baritone horn for a few years, and I wanted to experiment with a cornet. Trent recommended the ACB doubler’s model, and I’m very glad that he did so. I’m very much delighted and impressed with it! Having only low brass experience, I was not expecting to immediately be able to do much with this horn. Right out of the box, however, it exceeded my expectations. It seems highly playable, with a very pleasing tone. It’s a perfect fit for me. Intonation, valves, and slides are all very solid and smooth. The case is also quite nice. Highly recommended!

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    Amazing horn!!!

    Posted by Gary Gorrell on 29th Jan 2021

    Amazing horn!!!

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    Doublers Cornet

    Posted by Mike DeLuca on 9th Jun 2020

    Great cornet, excellent price and above average quality workmanship. nice to take on the road rather then a pocket trumpet.