ACB Custom Reserve Flugelhorn Mouthpieces: The Next Generation!

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ACB Custom Reserve FLG CR
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The Custom Reserve flugelhorn mouthpieces are here!!





These mouthpieces come in two different shank tapers to fit most flugelhorns. Please indicate what flugelhorn brand and model you play so we can best match the shank for you instrument! Choose the large shank (No 's' = Yamaha, Adams, Conn, ACB Doubler, etc) or the small shank ('s' = Bach, Kanstul, etc). Please call us if you need a different shank taper.


These Custom Reserve pieces are the next step in our development as a company here at ACB. They have taken a few years from concept to initial designs, to working prototypes, to this final project, and we are so excited to share these with you! 


There are a couple of big points to differentiate the Custom Reserve line from our standard series:


  1. The O is underlined in the name for a reason: the Custom Reserve line feels incredibly open. These are designed to be played with a full air stream and as little body tension as possible. We do have a few videos to share with everyone who purchases a CR line mouthpiece to help in the acclimation process. Some will find it instantly easy to go from a standard series piece to the CR line, but even I found it a bit of an adjustment that is 100% worth the effort! The commercial pieces especially are a huge step ahead as they have such a full and rich sound while still maintaining tremendous efficiency. 
  2. The Custom Reserve mouthpieces only come in this exclusive blank and only in brushed gold plate. We could potentially do a silver plated piece on request, but no blank substitutions. This external blank profile design is absolutely paramount to all the of the elements that make these pieces so unique. We will not be offering the Custom Reserve in acrylic or delrin at the moment due to the internal specs being too crucial to the playability of the CR line. We are working on an acrylic rim solution but still have not been happy with the results in prototyping.  
  3. There are no alterations on these pieces because of their design. We can customize a standard series line mouthpiece if needed, but the CR pieces each have very specialized rim, cup, throat, throat length, backbore taper, and other dimensions to optimize them fully. We have spent the time really fine-tuning these!



Custom Reserve Mouthpiece Sizes:

The sizes in the Custom Reserve line are also a bit limited, based on over a decade of the most popular models we sell at ACB. All mouthpieces have the same relative cup shape and depth. We chose this cup after extensively prototyping the different rims with our 3 flugelhorn cup depths (F, MDF, and FD). They are available in two shank sizes: the standard (Yamaha, Adams, etc), and small (Kanstul, Bach, etc.). Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about which shank taper that your instrument will accept!


While totally revised, there are some relative comparisons between our Standard Series line and these Custom Reserve mouthpieces. If you are familiar with the rims in our Standard Series, each of these below they will feel similar on the embouchure. More detailed videos and technical  information coming shortly. 


  • ACB CR 1.25+ (Rim is modeled after our 1.25CS in the standard series)   

ID .671  OD  1.068 


  • ACB CR 2+ (Rim is modeled after our MV3C in the standard series) 

ID  .664  OD  1.072


  • ACB CR 3+ (Rim is modeled after our 3C in the standard series please check out the comparison video above!)  

ID .653 OD 1.066  


  • ACB CR 4+ (Rim is modeled after our 3CS in the standard series)

 ID .650 OD 1.066


  • ACB CR TA1+ (Rim is modeled after our TA1 in the standard series)  

ID .639 OD 1.084


  • ACB CR TAZ+ (Rim is modeled after our TAZ in the standard series)  

ID .625 OD 1.076


  • ACB CR L3+ (Designed for Shop Manager Kyle Lambert this rim is completely new for this line only!)   

ID .628 OD 1.079



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If you have additional questions, please send us an email!  

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  • 5
    Mouthpiece Upgrade

    Posted by Sara on 8th May 2024

    Exceptional mouthpiece and equally exceptional customer service! These guys never let me down!

  • 5
    Fantastic mouthpiece!

    Posted by Bob Miller on 30th Dec 2023

    I was already playing on a standard line TA1MDF, and was quite happy with it. Best way to describe the Custom Reserve TA1F+ is that it's just more responsive, with more color and overtones. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade from the standard line!

  • 5

    Posted by Alex on 17th Oct 2023

    I bought this immediately after seeing the video about the release. This mouthpiece is the ideal flugelhorn sound and when paired with the ACB Doubler's horn its like a match made in heaven. Amazing job Trent and the gang at ACB. Acbassador for life!

  • 5
    Great Mouthpiece

    Posted by Ben Perthel on 9th Oct 2023

    I was looking for a mouthpiece that get me a richer sound on my Adams F2. I spoke with someone at ACB and they recommended one of the Custom Reserve mouthpieces. Been using it about a month and it definitely has a better sound than what I was using. Just as easy to play and improved intonation.

  • 5
    ACB Custom Reserve 1.25+ Flugelhorn mpc

    Posted by Rick Roenne on 30th Aug 2023

    I like this one. Tried it out last night at our first practice for the brass band. It really projects. Played it on the ACB Doubler Flugel. It really sounds. Going to try the other flugels I have just to experiment. Love the sound it creates. Range is really good.

  • 5
    ACB Custom Reserve Flugel 3F+

    Posted by Tim McGinley on 28th Aug 2023

    After spending some time on my ACB Custom reserve 3+ I felt the only downside was, there's not a matching Flugelhorn counterpart. Well, now there is and it is something special. Trent and the ACB team really found a great balance of inner dimension and outer blank with the Custom Reserve line and the flugelhorn piece is a testament to that! As soon as I put it in the horn, it just sang. No acclimation, no voodoo just a clean, clear sound. There is a certain vitality that this line has and when you mix that vitality with a flugelhorn cup, the sound is just what you think "relaxation" should sound like. The finish is beautiful, the craftsmanship is clean and accurate. The balance of weight in this blank gives you the security you want to just "sit" on the sound and the CR line adds an energy to the sound that you just have to hear and feel. Wonderful product and a pleasure to play! Thanks team ACB for yet another great product with time tested results behind it! Glad to be an #ACBassador!!!

  • 5
    Lovely flugelhorn mouthpiece!

    Posted by Ken S. on 14th Aug 2023

    I ordered the 1.25+ Custom Reserve flugelhorn mouthpiece since I was so happy with the 1.25+ Custom Reserve trumpet mouthpiece that I have owned for several months. I had been pretty happy with my Denis Wick 4FL but the tone was a little "tubby" and the intonation above the staff was always a little flat. The new ACB Custom Reserve flugelhorn mouthpiece is slightly more focused and more colorful than the Wick and the intonation above the staff is spot on. It used to be a struggle to get the high A in tune but now it just lock in perfectly! I am really pleased with this lovely mouthpiece!!!