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ACB and Schagerl Apredato Hybrid Mouthpiece

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ACB Apredato Hybrid
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Combine our ACB mouthpieces with the Schagerl Apredato blank and explore the beautiful resonance and crisp dynamic response of a new, revolutionary design!

Almost any ACB mouthpiece can now be ordered with the Apredato conversion, including custom designs! Please email us if you would like to customize an ACB mouthpiece prior to conversion.

Please contact us with any questions about lead time; custom orders and mouthpieces not currently in stock will require additional time. Thanks for your patience!


Schagerl Apredato Mouthpieces

The Apredato mouthpieces from Schagerl are a revolutionary step forward in mouthpiece design. This Apredato design was crafted with input from Prof. Hans Gansch (former Principal Trumpet Player of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra) and Thorsten Benkenstein (Lead Trumpet, North German Broadcast Big Band Hamburg, Germany). 

The Schagerl Apredato Mouthpiece started with the intention of providing players with a fuller, darker sound and a deep, resonant quality without drastically changing the usual rim and cup shape. Most heavy mouthpieces can be difficult to play, having more resistance than normal. At first glance, the Schagerl Apredato mouthpieces appear to be like most heavy mouthpieces, but Schagerl took a different approach with the Apredato.

The mass of the Apredato is reduced to a minimum, then an attachment is fitted and filled with water. The attachment is coated in waterproof materials to prevent corrosion and sealed with rubber to prevent leaks.


Austin Custom Brass Mouthpieces

"Making custom mouthpieces is one of the main reasons I opened up my shop. I wanted to make a mouthpiece that felt comfortable, had a rich sound full of overtones, and didn't zap my endurance! After a lot of time on the lathe, I'm proud to say I've developed a comprehensive offering of mouthpieces sizes for any gig! We have the absolute highest tolerances in the industry!" -Trent Austin

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Scroll down to read our detailed descriptions, and customer reviews like these:

"As usual, ACB is killing it! Love the pieces. Comfy. Efficient. Rich sound! What more could you want??!?!" -J

"Chaps since delivery of my mouthpiece I haven’t been able to put it down. This is by far the best mp I’ve ever owned. Perfect slotting, pure, clean notes, warm sound, super comfortable and a dream tone. Oh and a great service. What more can you ask for :-)" -Leslie

Get any ACB rim with a V-shaped cup

One of the first things I wanted to do in my mouthpiece series is to create a line of mouthpieces that mix comfortable modern rims with the GREAT sound and efficiency of the old Heim cup. This cup is similar to my TA-1 cup except deeper. It produces an extremely warm sound with efficiency you would never think possible.


Get any ACB Rim with our hybrid TF cup

After a lot of tweaking and prototyping, the Hybrid TF Series is here! This mouthpiece is a great option for the following needs and should be a welcome addition to any player's arsenal:

  • Solo playing in any situation
  • Flugel doubling on trumpet when the player cannot either afford a flugelhorn or have access to one (with the flight restrictions these days this could come in quite handy!)
  • Softer playing when you are "getting the hand" from the conductor
  • A great warm-down mouthpiece or to be used when your chops are especially fatigued after hard performances.

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