Wedge 67MDV 27 Mouthpiece in Raw Brass with Acrylic Rim and Cup

Wedge 67MDV 27 Hybrid
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The Wedge Mouthpiece, developed by Dr. Dave Harrison and has a very unique rim and cup design. Looking at the rim, you will notice that it is not flat, it has a slight curve to it, and looking into the cup you will notice that it has a slight oval shape rather than being perfectly round. Dr. Dave used his medical background to match the shape of the mouthpiece to the shape of the teeth and embouchure. He claims that his design leads to improved range, endurance, flexibility, slotting, response, articulation, and more comfort.


Here's what Wedge says about this particular mouthpiece:

"* Similar to MD cup with a slightly modified V shape at the bottom of the cup meeting to the throat.
* Slightly darker sound and smoother transitions from note to note.
* Excellent choice for an orchestral mouthpiece when a slightly darker sound is desired or for players with a naturally bright sound.
* Our most popular cup for orchestral players.

#27, .144 inch - Standard size for most mouthpieces, best choice for most players"


This mouthpiece helps to facilitate a big, broad sound, and it looks amazing, the raw brass backbore with the tan acrylic rim is a great pairing. After playing this mouthpiece I can tell you it feels quite comfortable, however if you are used to a flat rim mouthpiece then it will take a short period to get used to. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to pick up a really cool and unique mouthpiece by Wedge! 


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