Soulo Trumpet Straight Mute - all Aluminum

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SM Straight 6526 aluminum
0.34 LBS
$6.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


We are delighted to have these in stock! These are awesome mutes that already have a dedicated following! Soulo makes a high quality product and this mute rounds out their offerings so you can get a full complement of Soulo mutes.


From the manufacturer:

The NEW patented Copper Bottom Trumpet Straight Mute, by Soulo is the newest invention in the mute world. It combines the traditional Straight Mute sound with a ground-breaking aerodynamic shape, which improves the typical issues, associated with straight metal mutes and offers perfect pitch and free-blowing experience.

Its patent pending shape allows the air to naturally flow outside of the mute, undisturbed by a crimp or any other barrier. On the inside, the air flows into a perfect hemisphere, never hitting a flat surface, thereby not altering the pitch.

In order to achieve the most brilliant straight mute sound, Soulo Mute uses the highest quality Aluminum. The Soulo Straight Mute is very lightweight, due to its craftsmanship. Soulo Straight Mute will never fall out of the bell, because of its unique neoprene composite corks, which “lock” the mute inside the bell. The Soulo Trumpet Straight Mute was Designed by Michael and Elena Jarosz in NJ, USA. No matter where you buy our trumpet straight mute, you are guaranteed the best quality and customer service.



  • Patented hemispherical bottom with crimp-free connection, which allows for a perfect pitch!
  • Free-blowing, no air disturbance, aerodynamic design!
  • The highest quality ALUMINUM, delivering a crisp, bright sound!
  • Lightweight and super easy on the chops!

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