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Manchester Brass Professional Bb Trumpet in clear lacquer with gold brass bell

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MSRP: $1,299.99
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"We had an exceptional experience at ACB - this horn plays like a more expensive trumpet yet was in our price range. The store stayed open after hours for us and provided exceptional customer service!" -Kris Mengarelli
Manchester Brass MBPRO MCB Bb Trumpet
8.00 LBS
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Product Overview

This is an excellent option for a professional level trumpet under $1000!

Manchester Brass horns are made in an excellent factory in Taiwan. We're proud to be the US retailer for Manchester Brass instruments!

The Manchester Brass Professional trumpet features a 37-style 5" gold brass bell, a true middle of the road bell option with a little extra warmth to the sound due to the gold brass. The inner slides are made of nickel silver, so they're super fast and free. The stainless steel valves are precision machined and have great compression. The horn has a very clean and crisp response. 

If you're looking for a new, professional quality trumpet and budget is a consideration, the Manchester Pro should be on your list. Give us a call at 816-410-0826 if you have any questions!

Here's a customer review of the Manchester Pro trumpet:

"I've recently returned to trumpet playing after a four year hiatus. My experience is as a professional for fifteen years and a student of the instrument for 30.

"I've played Blackburns, Yamaha Artist Models, Monettes, Shires, and converted Bachs...this trumpet is INCREDIBLE for the price and I miss nothing about those other instruments. The craftsmanship, the response, the playability, are all as good or better than the Tanabe modified Yamaha Xeno II I was playing for a Bb before taking my break.

"I LOVE the nickel slides and the fast valves. I plan on buying a flugelhorn and cornet as soon as I'm able to and I know EXACTLY which manufacturer and which shop I'll be patronizing.

"Thank you Trent for being an excellent and consistent presence in the trumpet community; I remember you way back in the Nokomis days at State festivals. The kind note I received with the trumpet from your staff is a personal touch that left an impression; I hope more stores become this way when doing business!" -Christopher Cronsell



  • 5" Gold Brass Bell
  • Lacquer finish
  • 0.460" Bore (ML)
  • Yellow Brass Leadpipe
  • Fixed 1st slide saddle
  • Fixed 3rd slide ring
  • Nickel outer slides and trim
  • Tuning and 3rd Slide key
  • Includes a case (with backpack straps) and a 3C mpc! (if you'd like to upgrade the mouthpiece, check out our affordable Fabrication Series mouthpieces!)



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review