JP By Taylor Trumpet in Satin Matte Lacquer Finish: Amazing Horn!

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JP by Taylor SML John Packer
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The JP by Taylor trumpet is a heavyweight horn with a lightweight price tag. If you've been wanting to get into playing heavier trumpets but you don't need one that costs as much as your car, then check out the JP by Taylor! The satin gold lacquered finish looks incredible. The twin tube leadpipe really helps to center the sound. The nickel silver inner slide legs feel great, and they're very durable. It's a great playing trumpet!

This horn is a little lighter than some of the other heavyweight horns in the shop, which helps it maintain good versatility. It lights up well with a lead mouthpiece, but also has the warmth and richness you'll want as a soloist. 

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The JP by Taylor is a fresh collaboration with one of the most exciting international custom trumpet designers. John Packer have partnered with Andy Taylor of world-renowned Taylor Trumpets to deliver a jazz-inspired trumpet with a big sound. Taylor Trumpets are highly prized and sought after by musicians from around the world. They are renowned for their unparalleled brightness of sounds and ‘tank-like’ construction. The name Taylor is synonymous with excellence in the custom trumpet category.

The JP by Taylor trumpet combines Andy Taylor’s passion and exceptional instrument design with John Packer’s knowledge and understanding of the mid range instrument landscape. The result is a much more cost effective route into the Taylor family with an instrument that out performs its price tag. This medium-large bore Bb trumpet features an exclusive handmade leadpipe by Andy Taylor.

The JP by Taylor is supplied with a JP Mouthpiece and JP Pro Double case.

All JP Instruments are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please note this does not cover aesthetic or finish faults. For full terms & conditions contact us and we'll be glad to help!


 Here is another video (around the 20 min mark):


  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: Medium-Large
  • Bell: Heavyweight Bell
  • Finishes: Lacquer or Satin
  • Handmade leadpipe by Andy Taylor
  • Heavyweight top and bottom caps
  • Heavyweight finger rings and amado water keys
  • 1st & 3rd valve slide rings for precise intonation
  • Supplied with a JP Mouthpiece & John Packer JP851 Pro Double Trumpet Case

JP  Taylor 


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    JP by Taylor in Satin Lacquer

    Posted by Fred Bradley on 10th Mar 2020

    Ditto to Greg’s review from 2018. He is spot on with his comments. I also own a Packard flugelhorn. The valve action on both horns are fast and smooth. Paired with ACB’s MV3C mouthpiece and both horns articulate close to a rotary horn. A great value !

  • 5
    JP By Taylor Trumpet in Satin Matte Lacquer

    Posted by Greg Plough on 19th Nov 2018

    I wanted to wait until I had a good amount of time to play this horn before posting a review...just to ensure I didn't inject any "Honeymoon" effect into my commencts. I ordered the JP by Taylor Trumpet after talking at length with Josh, and watching Trent's videos as well as the video by Mark Harrison. I generally play XL bore trumpets (.468-.470), primarily using ACB 3DS and ACB Fab 5 mouthpieces. My biggest concern about this horn was that is is an ML bore horn, and I was concerned it would feel stuffy. Josh assured me that was not the case with this trumpet, so I ordered it. I was more than pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The blow was not stuffy at fact, it feels nearly as open as some of the XL Bore horns I play...thanks primarily, no doubt, to the Andy Taylor leadpipe and the rounded tuning slide. The horn is relatively heavy, but it is a comfortable horn to hold, and the balance is very good, so I really don't feel the weight, even during a longer gig. The fit and finish on my horn are excellent, The Satin finish is beautiful, and I've actually had people ask me if the horn is gold plated. The valves are buttery smooth, and the slides all fit well. You can see the direct influence of Andy Taylor on the overall design of this horn. Now to the sound. That was probably my biggest surprise of all, due to the overall weight of the horn, the heavy valve caps, and the heavy leadpipe, I expected this horn to be pretty dark, and require a lot of air to get it to brighten up. It turns out this horn has far more mainstream a sound, at least with my setup, than one would expect. It blends well in a section (Concert Band and Church Orchestra), can be very lyrical when needed for solo work, and with a little extra push, brightens up and can play above a Big Band section. Feedback is quite good...I've never had a problem hearing myself on this horn...compared to some horns I've played. Trumpet players are blessed with a plethora of options when it comes to buying a great horn...from the low end of the spectrum to the high end. I have had many horns over the years, and played many more. I'll just say that when I purchased this horn, I sold the Bach Commercial large bore I owned at the time shortly after I bought this JP by regrets.