John Packer JP378 Sterling BBb Tuba in Gold Lacquer!

John Packer
$11,713.00 $8,193.00 (You save $3,520.00)
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SKU TBA-JP378BB-Sterling
Weight 75.00 LBS
Height 26.00 (in)
Width 50.00 (in)
Depth 32.00 (in)
Shipping $100.00

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The JP378 Sterling is the perfect instrument for a professional player looking for a great quality tuba for a fraction of the price of its competitors. With a large bore, and clear intonation, this tuba would sit perfectly at the back of a top section brass band. It produces a fantastic sound with a good solid core and it is in tune all the way up the scale. It is very clear to see that the John Packer makers, along with Paul Riggett of Sterling musical instruments, have spent a great deal of time dealing with the traditional problems of these instruments and have come up with fantastic solutions.



  • Model: JP378 Sterling, JP378S Sterling
  • Key: BBb
  • Bell Size: High Grade Brass 490mm (19.29")
  • Valves: Piston 4
  • Bore: Large 18.54mm (0.730")
  • Water Key: Lever 4
  • Body: High Grade Brass
  • Finish: Lacquer (JP378 Sterling)
  • Lyre Box: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Yes
  • Leadpipe: Sterling design


Constructed from high grade 80:20 brass and with a large 450mm (17") bell, this model boasts a unique, warm and well-rounded tone perfect for a professional player predominantly using the instrument within an orchestral setting however can also be found within wind and concert bands. This pro-level model is a full 4/4 size standing at a height of 900mm (35.43"). The JP379CC has 5 valves (4 piston and 1 rotary) and a 19/20/20.5mm (0.74/0.78/0.80") bore. 


The JP378 Sterling comes supplied with a mouthpiece and The JP378 Sterling comes supplied with a mouthpiece and the John Packer JP861 Pro Lightweight BBb Tuba Case.


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