How about a 5-horn demo?

How about a 5-horn demo?

Is it time to finally upgrade over your rental instrument or get your first professional trombone?

Eric Chapman from ACB talks about trombones for students. Buying a trombone can be exciting but also overwhelming knowing where to start and what is good for a student's needs and budget (or their parent's budget). At Austin Custom Brass we recognize the desire for sounding great but that sometimes that top-of-the-line trombone is not the right fit right now. Eric recently had a student go through something similar and talks to you about your options available through Austin Custom Brass.

Playing starts at 10:00 but check out Eric's thoughts about the horns!

Adams Sonic: I really admire the quality of this trombone and enjoy playing this horn! It produces a tone that is complex, has depth, and is adaptable to different music needs. This horn is not a “budget horn” but a very affordable professional horn that could last a lifetime as a usable horn. I would recommend this horn not only for students but for professionals as well (especially if you are the type who mostly plays in jazz and other small-horn settings but you need a large bore horn now and then and you want something great at a not-going-to-break-the-bank price).

Sonic .547 bore, Hand-hammered 8.5” Yellow Brass Bell, Open-flow Rotary Valve Open Wrap F-attachment

Manchester Brass TB01: The TB01 is one of my favorite horns in this category of trombones. It is very comfortable to play, responsive, free blowing, and produces a very nice tone. This is not just the type of trombone that I think about as a “budget horn” but I just think about it as a quality trombone. The TB02 is a trombone I enjoyed almost as much as the TB01 and that difference comes down to personal preference of red brass over yellow brass. Manchester Brass trombones are quite impressive – at any price point, but especially for under $2000.

TB01 .547 Bore, 8.5” Red Brass Bell, Rotary Valve Open Wrap F-attachment TB 02 .547 Bore, 8.5 “Yellow Brass Bell, Rotary Valve Open Wrap F-attachment, Bach Style Slide, Red Brass Tuning Slide

Brasspire Unicorn: For the price I do not think you can beat this horn. It plays very well and would be an excellent choice for any student – especially for the student who wants to enjoy music at a high level in junior high school and high school but may not go onto study music in college.

Unicorn .547 Bore, 8.5” Yellow Brass Bell, Rotary Valve Open Wrap F-attachment

JP Rath 3320: This horn offers the unique feature of a Rath leadpipe producing excellent response and flexibility. I enjoy how this horn feels and it would be a wonderful choice for students in junior high school, high school, and even college.

JP Rath 3320 .547 Bore, 8.5” Yellow Brass Bell, “Conn” style slide, Rotary Valve Open Wrap F-attachment

ACB 5.1 mouthpiece: Austin Custom Brass makes a line of trombone mouthpieces that are comfortable, flexible, and produce rich and centered tone. They are easy to play. A quality mouthpiece makes a difference at any level of musicianship and is worth the investment.

Austin Custom Brass is one of the world's premier brass pro shops. We routinely have hundreds of instruments in stock. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know via email at or call 781-944-6247 or 816-410-0826 today!

12th Apr 2022 Trent

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