ACB Doubler's Alto Trombone in Lacquer!

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  • ACB Doubler's Alto Trombone in Lacquer!
  • ACB Doubler's Alto Trombone in Lacquer!
  • ACB Doubler's Alto Trombone in Lacquer!
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We now have ACB Doublers Alto Trombones!

Austin Custom Brass has created an exciting line of high quality, budget-friendly custom instruments designed for doubling. If you want to play alto trombone but can't justify paying top dollar for a brand-name instrument, our Doubler's alto trombone was created with your needs in mind. This is a great option if you need an alto trombone for playing in orchestra, solo settings, chamber ensembles, or want to broaden your trombone palette. It's also a great option for a hobbyist or student!




The ACB Doublers Alto Trombone is a wonderful option for any trombonist looking to get into a quality alto trombone at an affordable price.

This trombone features a small bore (.490), a 7" yellow brass bell, and is pitched in the key of Eb.

The ACB Doublers Alto Trombone has a very even core sound that can fit into a wide variety of settings.


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  • Tuning :Eb
  • Bore size:.490" (small bore)
  • Bell size:7"
  • Yellow brass bell
  • Yellow brass hand slide
  • Regular water key
  • Polished lacquer finish throughout
  • Also comes with a case and small shank trombone mouthpiece


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