The Adorable Carolbrass Blackhawk Mini Pocket Trumpet

CST-1000-YSS-Bb-L Blackhawk BG
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 This is truly a pocket trumpet! The Carolbrass Mini Pocket Trumpet is a wonderful offering from our friends at Carolbrass. This horn is more compact than even a normal pocket trumpet! Perfect for travel, it will even fit in the case with a Bremner Piccolo Practice Mute in the bell!

 Only 6.8 inches long this is the best for keeping your chops up while on vacation, for practicing in traffic jams,  for some backpacking fun,  or just to have for fun.  This horn plays great!





Key: Bb
Bore size: ML (0.460”; 11.7mm)
Bell material: Y (Yellow brass)
Bell size: S (# 37)
Bell thickness: S (0.024''; 0.6mm)
Bell diameter: 3.70'' (94.0mm)
Finish: Custom Black Nickel with gold plated trim!  (It's gorgeous)  
Leadpipe material: Yellow brass
Tuning slide material: Inner / Outer Yellow brass



Soft gig bag
CarolBrass® 7C slim plastic mouthpiece
Polish cloth
La Tromba T2 valve oil
Ultra Pure tuning slide lube
User booklet


Use the Ante-Mute to give the horn a bigger sound and presence without sacrificing portability!



Pairs well with the Bremner Shh Piccolo Practice mute!

Sold with soft case and care kit


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    CarolBrass Blackhawk Mini Pocket Trumpet

    Posted by Rich Steed on 22nd Dec 2022

    It is mini, looks fabulous, has the weight and feel of a full sized trumpet. Showed up for a local symphony practice, opened my Bach Strad trumpet case - no trumpet (it was sitting on its trumpet stand in our music room at home) I started to walk by the conductor with my empty case and realized I had the Mini Blackhawk in my car. Brought it in, sat down in my seat and the conductor walked by, saw the Mini and asked if it sounded like a real trumpet. AFTER our rehearsal he came back and complimented our three man trumpet section and added that he couldn't tell the difference with me using the Mini. The lack of a standard sized bell is it's only "shortcoming" - not quite the full resonant sound of a full sized trumpet. I need to play it more to loosen up the valves, but the valves and total instrument seem to be of high quality and construction.