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Perfect for travel! The Cute small bell ACB Doubler's Pocket Trumpet in lacquer

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8.00 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Austin Custom Brass Pocket  Trumpet



A fun little horn for the money.  It's a small bell Don-Cherry Style  horn in a polished lacquer  Finish.  Comes with Hard case.   



Monel Valves


Bell is made from Yellow Brass


3rd slide adjustable ring


Bell: 3.667  inch  (93 mm)  bell   (piccolo trumpet practice mutes would fit in this horn!)







Bore size:  ML  .459






The ML  bore nicely  compensates nicely for the tighter wrap of the trumpet. 




Included in this horn are a nice  ACB-Logo  Polyfoam  gig  case,  7C,  and backpack straps. 




This is most definitely not a toy, it's  a  nice playing horn!  Perfect for travel as well.


Plug a practice mute in and play to your heart's content!




All ACB  pockets will be cleaned  and optimized prior to shipment.






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(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    Small Bell ACB Pocket Trumpet

    Posted by Nicholas Proctor on 22nd Nov 2019

    I have been playing this small bell ACB pocket trumpet for about a month now and am very happy with my purchase! I am getting ready for an overseas deployment and wanted an inexpensive pocket trumpet to take with me to keep my chops up while I am away. I did not want to spend a whole lot of money since this horn will most likely take a bit of abuse. I knew I did not want to go with one of those online horns I've seen on Amazon. The main things I wanted was a horn with a good valve block and which was free blowing (for a small bell pocket!) This horn fit the bill perfectly; especially since the ACB technicians take the time to "set up" the horn before they sell it. This horn actually exceeded my expectations for a horn at this price point. I had the opportunity to stop by the ACB shop in KC (which in itself was AWESOME) to try out this horn as well as a few of their other higher-tiered pocket trumpets. The more expensive pocket trumpets blew me away with their sound and intonation, but the small bell ACB was at the price point I was looking at. It does have some intonation issues at the 1st line Eb and below where it plays flat, but that is really the only issue I have, and honestly I do not have a problem with since the horn was so inexpensive and I can just lip it up to get in tune! The valves work flawlessly and with my Giddings and Webster 1.25 mouthpiece, the horn gets a pretty decent sound. The band directors I work with stated that they were very surprised at the sound it projected! My students think it's the "cutest instrument they've ever seen! This is a great little horn! :-)

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    ACB Pocket Trumpet

    Posted by Michael on 8th Nov 2019

    I received my pocket trumpet today. I love it! It sounds good and your TLC especially to the valves is quite noticeable. My trumpet Silent Brass fits it like a glove. Thank you so much. Now when I get my FX mouthpiece I can make it sound even fuller.

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    Great Value, Awesome Little Horn!

    Posted by George on 13th Mar 2019

    This 'cute' little horn surpassed all of my expectations and you cannot beat the price anywhere else. Aside from it being a practice/gimmick pocket trumpet, there are three things that stand out the most about this horn. 1. This horn has great intonation and has a big sound in the low to middle registers. 2. The build quality is solid. It has a rock like feel in the hands which I like. Not too heavy though but definitely compact. 3. Anything above a high C breaks up a bit. Not too noticeable, but definitely indicative of a pocket trumpet. My only knock on this horn is the lacquer finish. My horn came with a few noticeable imperfections in the finish. Awesome little horn!

  • 5
    Pocket Trumpet

    Posted by Matt Mooney on 20th Aug 2018

    Recently purchased Austin Custom Brass pocket trumpet. Honestly my expectations where fairly low given the form factor and the price. I was quite surprised with the quality and sound I ended up with. It’s no Martin Committee or anything, but it competes fairly well with my 1980’s back strad 43. At least in terms of sound projection and tone within a more modest range. Doesn’t slot nearly as well or screech quite as nice above the staff, but hell, it was less than $300 and that was with a very nice case. Feels good in the hand, and definitely seems quality. Highly recommended.