JP274 Compensating Euphonium with Deluxe Carrying Case

John Packer
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SKU JP274MKII Euphonium
Weight 34.00 LBS
Height 24.00 (in)
Width 40.00 (in)
Depth 24.00 (in)
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JP274 4 Valve Compensating Euphonium with Case 



Amazing value, amazing playability, and amazing instrument. NEW arrival to ACB!


We are so pleased and happy to be dealers for these amazing instruments. Fantastic quality values throughout their entire line!   


FREE US shipping on this instrument!



The JP274 is a high-performing fully compensating Bb euphonium suitable for serious students and musical professionals alike. The JP274 features a fully compensating system enabling players to more accurately tune their playing. The instrument also includes an 12" bell for greater projection and a full, dark sound. The JP274 is constructed from yellow brass throughout and is available in a lacquer or silver plate finish. Bottom sprung valves ensure a smooth and free action and the 12" bell and .661" bore enable players to achieve a warm and rounded sound.


Key: Bb

Bore: .590-.661" (15-16mm)

Bell: 12" (304.8mm)

Valves: 3+1 bottom sprung valves

Waterkeys: 3

(no trigger on this model)

Additional features: Fully compensating system, High grade 80:20 brass

Supplied with: Mouthpiece, JP Euphonium Case, Ultra-Pure maintenance kit



"As part of my job I recently had the pleasure of appraising 3 of the superior John Packer euphoniums on behalf of our students. All were striking examples of the modern style of instrument design as well as displaying a high quality of build. Added to this the fantastic prices being asked and they almost seem too good to be true. So to the testing…….
The first on trial was the JP274, presumably aimed at the progressing young player. It is a fully compensating 4 valve instrument, with a robust feel to not only the euphonium, but its case too which is of solid manufacture with handily placed wheels on the base for ease of transport. It has a very ‘centered’ feel when blowing across the full range and responds with ease in all registers. I have no hesitation in recommending this model to any of my students hoping to take their music making to a higher level."


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