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There's more to the brass playing lifestyle than just having the horn! At Austin Custom Brass, we have you covered:

ACB Swag: ACB brand accessories from mouthpiece pouches to coffee mugs
Books and Sheet Music: We don't sell a lot of sheet music, just the good stuff! Check out "Special Studies" by John Daniel.
Cases & Gig Bags: We have a variety of great cases. Make sure to check out the Gard cases, which are some of our customers' favorites!
CDs: Hear Trent play trumpet.
Cleaning & Care: Keep your horn looking great (and hygienic) with cleaning kits and polishing cloths.
Gadgets: From mouthpiece pullers and gap checkers to embouchure visualizers and chromatic tuners.
Lip Care: We carry Robinson's Remedies!
Microphones: Check out the bell mikes from SD Systems.
Mouthpieces: We have several lines of ACB mouthpieces as well as polycarbonate mouthpieces from FAXX
Mouthpiece Pouches: Keep your mouthpiece collection organized and protected.
Mutes: We have a variety of mutes for trumpet and trombone, including a selection of practice mutes.
Trumpet Stands & Mute Holders: Stay organized at the gig.
Valve Oil & Slide Grease: Keep your instrument working smoothly. We have lubricants for every brass player's needs.
Miscellaneous Goodies: Everything you never knew you needed!

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Marcus Bonna Double Trumpet Case

Marcus Bonna Double Case   Just landed in stock here to ACB are  Blue and black Nylon authentic Marcus Bonna double cases.   These particular cases are branded with the Adams logo on them.     For what it's worth I think...
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Berp Bio Valve Oil 8oz bottle

$23.95 $19.95 Sale
A New and Improved Formulation     BerpBioOil presents a new formulation offered in three viscosities: light (1), medium (2), and heavy (3);  in an 8ounce bottle with additional empty bottle. This new oil has been developed by the...
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Ultra Pure 8VA Valve Oil 2 oz. Limited edition

$7.95 $5.99 Sale
8VA means "an octave higher." So all you need for high notes is this valve oil, right? Ok, we're just kidding!  Only practice and hard work will help brass players to develop their high range.  Our "8VA" valve oil is the same fantastic formula...
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ACB Ultrasonic Cleaning service

AUSTIN CUSTOM BRASS  Ultrasonic Cleaning Service   The power of Ultrasonic technology can safely clean your instrument with no harmful chemicals!   Ultrasonic cleaning is the state of the art in instrument cleaning technology. This...
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ACB Gift Cards

The perfect gift for any trumpet or brass player: an ACB Gift Cards! Good for anything in our store. Never expires! Trumpet players can be very particular about their gear (no one knows this better than our ACB staff). If you're looking for a gift for a...
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Aisyn Synthetic Valve/Slide Oil

Alisyn Valve Slide Key Oil is a premium synthetic oil that offers performance advantages to professional musicians, repair shops and serious amateurs that are simply not available with any other products. The oil is clean and clear and is stain resistant...
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All New KA Series Commercial Backbores

$105.00 $75.00 Sale
  Here are some very rough descriptions of the backbores:   As you can see the KA2 opens up much more quickly after the throat.   The KA1 opens up ok, but stays tight through almost to the end.   The KA3 opens up like KA1,...
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