Work-From-Home Update

Hi everyone! Patrick here, hoping you're having a fantastic day out there today. I wish I could be at the shop shipping out some goodies to you but Kansas City is still under a stay at home order. That doesn't mean work has stopped, though! I've been doing some work on our YouTube channel (the sort of stuff that often gets left on the back burner because shipping you trumpets is frankly more important), including a bunch of new thumbnail images and updating our tags and descriptions. And in case you're running low on quality tv shows, we've been making a few binge-worthy YouTube playlists for you to check out! I'll include some links below, and you can find all of them on our channel as well. Stay strong, keep shedding, and we'll be back out playing gigs before you know it!

p.s. please tag us in some social posts and use the #acbassador hashtag so we can check out what you're up to these days, we love seeing the creativity out there in our community!

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