Say Hello to "Big Red" Trent's new Custom KCTC  Trumpet!

Posted by Trent Austin on 17th Sep 2023

Say Hello to "Big Red" Trent's new Custom KCTC Trumpet!

Say hello to my new baby!

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Say hello to "Big Red". This is the finished version of the KCTC's newest trumpet which I had some input on. I have already played two gigs on it and am so happy with the results. It's a soloist's dream horn and for me has that color of my favorite trumpet recordings! Here are some basic specs on the horn: 

Large (as you can see) 5 1/2" Red Brass bell with a unique flare (Kyle's horn is the only one I have ever seen with this kind of flaring) 

ML Adams valve block, all brass. 

Custom nickel upper and bottom caps

Custom Receiver (I wanted an homage to an earlier Bach receiver)

.122 gap open leadpipe (think vintage Freddie 70's) 

nickel silver tuning slide with Saturn water key

I'm so excited for Kyle's company and was thankful he gave me some creative say in terms of the custom build specs/venturi/gap/tuning slides etc. Kyle's already started working on the next one (3-4 weeks probably). Reach out to us ( or Kyle online for more info! We are the exclusive sellers here at ACB for his horns.

Way to Go Kyle!

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