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Meet the newest ACB Team Members!

Meet the newest ACB Team Members!

Meet the newest ACB team members, Nate and Laura! Don't forget we have more things coming to celebrate our 10k subscribers goal on youtube! Scroll down to meet Laura and Nate and for some quick updates from Patrick, Kyle, and Josh!

Meet Nate and Laura!

Nate Nall is a top-call trumpeter on the Kansas City jazz, commercial music and musical theater scenes. Nate was a residency participant in "Betty Carter's Jazz Ahead," and won 2nd place in the 2016 National Trumpet Competition Jazz Division. Nate endorses BAC trumpets. Check out his debut album "Places to Go" (2018)!

Laura is a multi-faceted freelance trumpeter and music educator. She can be heard performing throughout the Midwest with the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band, the Tallgrass Brass Band, and with the Motherlode funk band. Laura completed her DMA in Trumpet Performance and Pedagogy with a secondary concentration in Orchestral Conducting at the University of Iowa where she was a member of the Iowa Brass Quintet.

The Vets!

Of course, Patrick, Kyle, and Josh are still kicking brass. Patrick has been focusing on taking pictures recently and we're showcasing it on the shop IG!

Josh is back in the studio with the Sunband in July! And, Kyle is playing a ton with a local wedding band - check him out with his custom A1v2!

19th May 2021 Trent

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