Just a bit of eye candy!

Just a bit of eye candy!

Here's a bit of some recent arrivals to the shop for some eye Candy! 

I just love the lines of this Scherzer Piccolo

You've heard of Coppernicus... but have you seen "Goldilocks"?  This is a rare (only 1 in existence) custom Coppernicus in this finish

Trent Just did a video of this cool modular trumpet today: 

Looking for something a bit more traditional?   Check out the classic 1940 Conn 22b New York Symphony:

A new addition for my collection  this is a 1936 New York  Bach Large bore:  Check out that crisp engraving:

Great lines on this custom Schagerl  KillerQueen Flugelhorn (we do have a raw brass available but this one below just sold!):


5th Aug 2022 Trent

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