I'm Parting With Some Fantastic Horns - They Need to Be Played!

I'm Parting With Some Fantastic Horns - They Need to Be Played!

Great horns deserve to be played.

As I was sitting in my home studio over the weekend I looked over to my instrument collection and wondered why I needed so many! :-) I have been extremely fortunate to be following my house rule of “one-in/one-out” for years now, and that has led to an incredible collection of rare and premium instruments.

After so many years of playing and collecting I have finally realized that I have so many wonderful extra instruments I do not use on a regular basis. I’d like to find good homes for them with players who will appreciate them as much as I have, and most importantly who will play them more frequently than I do.

I just got my personal Adams A1v2 back after sending it out to a couple trade shows. It's so well suited to my playing, and is a great complement to my Coppernicus. Being an Adams artist and having a deep connection with the entire Adams Brass family, I am therefore parting ways with many other treasures that I have grown to love. I am keeping a couple trumpets that have sentimental value to me, a few cornets, one piccolo trumpet, and one flugelhorn. The rest of the instruments will be listed in the next few weeks and months.

Make sure to visit the Trent Austin Collection page on the web store to see what's currently available, and bookmark our New Arrivals page so you don't miss any of the goodies we're listing for sale!

21st Jan 2022

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