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Check out the All new J. Landress Brass Trumpet!  Wow!

Check out the All new J. Landress Brass Trumpet! Wow!

It’s good to have great friends in the business world and Josh Landress has always been there for ACB since we have opened our doors. He’s a trusted friend, someone I can bounce ideas off of, an amazing businessman, and incredible craftsman!

I have asked him for years (maybe a decade) to make me one of his custom trumpets… I first played one at the 2011 NAMM show (I think that was the year… I’m lucky to remember what I had for breakfast most days lately!) and was simply blown away by the ease of playing and incredible centering.

Fast forward a few years to the current 2020 pandemic and I twisted his arm to convince him to try to make a few more new instruments. I supplied him with these amazing Adams valve blocks these are from the A5 trumpet which I think is the best valve block Adams makes. Every other part of this trumpet was completely handmade by Josh.

I think this is quite possibly the easiest trumpet I have ever played. Smooth, rich, brilliant, fluid… it really has everything one could hope for!

My particular one has a lightweight bronze bell and also a bronze leadpipe. I think that really helps the overall performance and sound color palette which is immense!

There’s still a few of these trumpets available so you should definitely reach out to Josh and his amazing team at J Landress brass:

Another quick shoutout to my brother Michael Barkley… all the trumpet clips on this video are 100% raw and un-edited. I am using (literally for the first time on any video) his Infinity G2 Microphone and it’s fantastic. I think we’ll be selling these soon but in the meantime order one today at:

Y’all know my house rule for my personal collection… one horn in/ one horn out! So I have listed a bunch of amazing instruments for sale

at this link below:

(like this one:

I can't wait to dig into this horn more and learn how to play it even more efficiently!

Best regards from KC and big big big thanks to Josh and his entire team!


19th Jul 2021 Trent

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