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We're offering a special deal on Manchester Brass Professional Trumpets and Trombones this month: buy one and get 10% store credit to use on your next purchase! Use the code MBPBACK and sock away savings for your next purchase!

Manchester RLGB -- listen to the video

Manchester TB1 -- listen to the video

Manchester TB2 -- listen to the video

Manchester Pocket -- listen to the video

Manchester Flugel -- listen to the video

Email us for help financing your new Manchester horn!

Adams ACB Collaborative

$1600 $1400

Save $200 on the Adams ACB Collaborative Trumpet with the code 200ADACB!

ACB 2RL Trumpets

$830 $747

Save $83 on the ACB 2RL with the code 2RL10! Listen to it here.

En Gard!

Triple Elite Nylon $275 $225

Save $50 on any Gard Elite Bag with the code ENGARD. We have both nylon and leather in stock for the single, double, and triple bags!

The triple bag will hold a small to normal wrap flugel and a trumpet OR 3 trumpets OR 2 trumpets plus mutes! With the "taco" inserts, you can even get up to 5 trumpets in the triple. Get a versatile, protective, and stylish bags from Gard today.

Adams Sonic!

$2150 $2025

The brand new line of Sonic trumpets and flugels from Adams are truly amazing! A handmade horn at an unbeatable price. Save $125 on any Sonic horn with the code SONIC. Listen to the trumpet and flugel on our channel:

Adams Sonic Trumpet

Adams Sonic Flugel

Quality you can trust

I use and believe in the products I sell. This time of year, there are a lot of ads for low-quality budget horns. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Check out these two videos to see what I mean!

$280 Bach?!?

Augmented Trumpet

My store will never sell low-quality horns. Your support means everything to me and I'm committed to providing you with great horns at every budget. Thank you!

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